If you are following computer games closely, you are also aware of the Virtual Reality technology. This technology allows you to get into games (literally) with the help of some special glasses. The LCD screens in these glasses reflect a different image for every direction you turn your head, and this illusion creates the impression of a virtual reality (like a simulator). This reality is “interactive”, so you control these games with hand gestures, so you do not have to use a mouse and a keyboard.

VR technology can also be used for casino games too. As a matter of fact, it is possible to play even slot machines with these glasses. However, table games give the best results. Roulette is one of these games: Virtual roulette (VR for short) lets you feel like you are in a real casino and place your bets with hand gestures. In other words, there is no difference in terms and chances of winning, but VR offers a very special experience and invites you into virtual reality.

What Do You Need to Play Virtual Roulette?

Contrary to the popular belief, only glasses are not enough to play VR. Inside these goggles, there are only LCD screens. In other words, they must get the necessary hardware power from external sources. In this regard, there are two main categories:

  • Virtual Reality Glasses: These need a powerful computer to work. Their graphics qualities are very high because all the necessary calculations are made by the computer’s video card. Oculus Rift and VIVE are among the best-known examples. These types of glasses are expensive and require a budget of about $ 1,000. However, the games that use VR technology have very advanced graphics and offer a unique experience.
  • Gear VR: These glasses get the hardware power they need from mobile phones. So you do not need a separate computer. The mobile phone is placed in a compartment located at the front of the glass. Roulette virtual game is installed from application stores. These apps are not like Flash-based casino games, they are very large and make sure that you have the necessary space on your device before the download. This option is much cheaper, and only a budget of $ 100 will be enough. In other words, Gear VR is the most practical way to spin the virtual roulette wheel.

Gear VR sets will suffice as casino games do not need graphics at very high quality. But if you want to play computer games too, you should prefer the more expensive options.

VR Roulette Strategies

Online virtual roulette rules do not differ. Your chances of winning and the types of bets are the same too. With hand gestures, you place your bets on the virtual roulette table. It is not necessary to use real money, as we will explain below, you can spin the virtual roulette wheel free too. Therefore, the usual strategy and tactics apply here as well. If we briefly mention these:

  • Never place single bets.
  • Do not forget that there is no “system” that works. All systems are built on gambler’s fallacy and cause you to go bankrupt in the long run.
  • The best betting options are still red/black, odd/even, and line bets. Your chances of winning are close to 50% with these options. So just place your bets for these, if you want to minimize the risk.
  • VR will cause longer playing times than usual due to the features offered. This may affect your budget negatively. Know when to end the session and move away from the table.
  • Try to play on an empty field because you have to move and you won’t be able to see your surroundings. Otherwise, you can hurt yourself.
  • Most VR games include multiplayer support. You can talk to other players, so turn this experience into a social activity.
  • You cannot use any cheats, even while spinning roulette wheel for fun. You are still playing the same game and there is no cheating, no matter how hard you try.

Is It Possible to Play Virtual Roulette for Fun?

Yes, there are free virtual roulette options available. Like other casino games, VR can also be played for free. To do this, you must either use an appropriate app or join a VR casino. However, some features of free versions may be restricted. Although there is no restriction on the duration of the game, you cannot use features such as multiplayer and chat. However, these free versions allow you to play as long as you like. We recommend you to start with the free versions: Buy a Gear VR set, enter the virtual world and see how much you will enjoy this experience. You can also play other games with your set, or even watch 3D movies.