Online roulette is a favorite form of gambling for most punters on the internet. It is considered to be one of the easiest games to play since its rules are easy to understand. A sound strategy can go a long way in improving your chances of winning. Here are some pointers sure to help shore up your luck.

Groundwork for the Online Roulette Strategy

online roulette startegyBefore getting to developing online strategies, there are a few steps that must be taken care of first to increase your chances of success. Such things also remove obstacles that could stop you from getting the maximum results off your strategy. These measures are listed below:

Find Trustworthy Casinos

Casinos keep tabs on their players’ progress. If you have a good online roulette betting strategy, then you will be winning a lot. Casinos will usually not allow you to keep playing to protect their profits.

Some unscrupulous casinos could even refuse to hand you your payout. They might point out some obscure rules in their terms and conditions to make the injustice look ‘legal’. It is, therefore, important to scout various online casinos and choosing a reputable one, or your efforts at the game might end up being in vain.

Have Multiple Accounts

Consistent winners are not tolerated by casinos and will usually have their accounts restricted. In order to remain unknown, it is best to create a number of accounts. Ensure you use different email addresses and usernames.

If they require users to provide their legal names you can ask you friends and family for permission to use theirs. Another option would be to use false identification but this option illegal and can land you in prison.

Always Choose European Roulette

There are two varieties of roulette; European and American roulette. The difference between the two is that American roulette has both single and double zero pockets while European roulette has a single zero pocket only

With an American wheel, the house has a double advantage over the player. Consequently, it is wisest to play European roulette. A player can also develop an online European roulette strategy to enhance further their chances of winning some money.

Choosing an Online Roulette Winning Strategy

Many strategies have been advertised numerously as being able to guarantee wins. However, this is not true as even the Mathematical-based strategies have never been to work all the time. Some of the reputable strategies are the following:

Using a Roulette System

martingale roulette systemRoulette systems are methods used to select what to bet on. They are widely used by players looking to win at the wheels. An online roulette strategy can be greatly hindered by the use of an ineffective system. Such unreliable systems should be avoided, and some of them are:

  • Martingale
  • James Bond
  • Labouchere
  • Fibonacci

To be sure of a system’s effectiveness it is advisable to try it on real wheels. Doing this will also give you an opportunity to get to grips with how a system operates before using it as part of your online casino roulette strategy.

En Prison Strategy

This is an online roulette strategy that works best on European variant. It reduces the online casino’s advantage over the players by giving them a chance to recover the money they had bet.

For instance, if the player had placed a bet on a low number and the ball lands on a zero then the croupier will mark the bet. If the next round returns a low number, then the player gets his money back. This strategy offers players more chances to get some wins but does not directly return any profit.

Bet Amounts and Wider Bets

Placing small amounts will give you more chances of winning from your gaming budget. It will also reduce the chances of you being detected by the casino if you are on a winning streak. Another good online roulette winning strategy is placing wider bets such as:

  • Black color
  • Even number
  • Neighbor bets
  • Red color
  • Odd number

Placing wider bets increases a player’s chances of winning but at lower odds. It can be used to accumulate a large amount of cash won for cautious players. For those with a huge budget and some courage, they can place as much money as possible on such bets for bigger winnings.

If you intend to bet huge amounts, you should identify an easily predictable wheel. Bet as much as you can as quickly as possible because if you win huge amounts, the casino will soon be onto you.

They will start implementing countermeasures that will make it much harder to win. It is also not wise for a lot of players to attack the same wheel as this will lead to you being caught faster.

Once you see that the countermeasures are in place, fold and take your winnings. The players who place bets immediately after you will feel the pinch of the measures. This will lead to a reduction of bets placed at the wheel.

After some time the casino will be forced to lift the sanctions, and you will then be free to go back and get some wins. You should only do this about once a month to avoid finding the countermeasures still in place or being detected by the casino and having your account restricted.

Go To Live Casinos

To mix things up a little bit you should hit a live casino once in awhile. This will allow you to test your roulette online strategy on real wheels and see if it works before using it online.

You will also get to meet other gamblers who can help you improve on your strategy by sharing their own experiences and techniques. These shared experiences can be very useful when selecting the online casino you want to use.

Having the right strategy can greatly improve your chances of winning at online roulette. However, a winning strategy cannot bring in maximum returns if it is not supported by some excellent groundwork to create a conducive betting environment.