IGT which is an abbreviation for International Gaming Technology before it merged with Gtech in 2015 and adapted the name IGT is an international leader as far as developing games is concerned. The software company has had a gradual growth to where it is now, competing against some other huge names that have dominated the gaming industry for decades.

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When it comes to roulettes, however, IGT takes the lead as far as innovation and variations are concerned. The company has gone ahead and developed roulettes that maintain the main basis of a game, but also have additions that make the games more exciting and a lot riskier which is great news to adrenaline junkie punters. IGT roulette are nothing like the ordinary roulettes in casinos and here’s why. Check Microgaming Roulette.

These include the following:

3-wheel Roulette

This one has one wheel that has 3 rings that rotate at different speeds. Unlike the conventional variant with a single wheel, betting on the 3-Wheel Roulette triples your bet and also triples your chances of winning. This means you get to play for thrice the fun. It also has a color up bonus where you bet on the same colors landing in a strip and this could win you some pretty huge jackpots.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette

A yellow slot is usually added to the wheel in this variation. If your ball lands in the yellow well, your chances of winning on a standing bet are doubled for free. Chances of hitting the wide well are usually higher by 1.5 times.

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

Perhaps the most innovative of all the IGT roulette, the Triple bonus spin is a triple zero game that also has a yellow well added on to it. The well is about 1 1/3 the size of the other slots and has the potential payout of up to 12,000 times the amount you bet. You get a free spin if your ball lands on the yellow well.

Multiball Roulette

This one is different in that instead of there being multiple wheels on which your ball rotates, there are multiple balls that are used on the wheel. This means that you can use more than one ball and the number can go up to 10. This game is based on the assumption that no two balls can land on the same pocket. This is said to increase your chances of winning.

The variation of the IGT roulette means that there is more for everyone and that if you find yourself bored, you can explore the other variations of this table game. It is, however important to remember that the more the gadget in this game, the more the variations, the higher the chances of the house gaining as compared to you gaining. In the end, you will lose more to the house with these modern versions of the game. Whichever is more important between winning against the house or having more fun, IGT leaves that decision for you to make.