The roulette is perhaps the most popular casino game to ever exist. Whether you are a punter or not, every time you hear “casino” that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Well, second, after “gambling”. The popularity is with good reason. The game is very easy, it is lots of fun to play, and whether you are gambling for the first time, or for the “nth” time, you will know your way around it, and enjoy yourself while at it.


Since its introduction in 1700, a lot has changed on its basic features. The only things that have remained constant, and which qualify the game as roulette are the wheel and the table. The wheel has had some variations done to it, hence the different types of roulette. The table, on the other hand, does not change for any variation of this grand sport.

Okay, if we are being honest, not everyone that plays at the casinos ends up investing money into the games. And casino owners are aware (bless their souls). So they decided to make free games that you can play for fun. When playing the roulette for fun, there is no need of signing up or for downloading. Just open a casino, search for your favorite pass time and voila!

But Why Would You Play the Roulette Game for Fun?

Well, there are people that would rather not spend money on gambling. And it is alright. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be part of the fun that comes with engaging in this sport.

Others will play the free roulette for fun because they would like to learn how to play before they can invest their money into the gameplay. Once you are knowledgeable about a sport, it is a lot easier to enjoy it when playing it for real money.

In other cases, you may want to indulge in your guilty pleasure, but you have no money set aside for gambling at that particular time. We encourage players to properly manage the amount of money they put into gambling. An option of playing the game you love without having to spend more than you can afford is always welcome.

Playing the Free Roulette for Fun

While there are many variations of this game, the major difference is that the wheel has a single zero on it for the European, while the American type has a double zero on its wheel. These variations also determine the possible outcome of the game. There are 37 possible outcomes in a game of European type and 38 possible outcomes in a game of American variation.

In order to be able to make a profit, the casino will pay out to you 35 to 1 or 36 to 1 for a sport whose probability is 37 to 1 or 38 to 1 respectively.

A roulette wheel is comprised of 3 colors, red, black and green which is the color of the zero. The probability that your ball will land on a red after a spin is 18 to 38. The probability that it will not land on a red is 20/38.

Because of its popularity, every casino hosts at least one variation of this table sport. However, many people prefer the European version to the American because the latter has a higher house edge compared to the former with the numbers at 5.26% and 2.70% respectively. You have a higher chance of winning while you play the European roulette. You will also get to enjoy about 38 rounds per hour while playing this wheel sport.

Types of Roulette

As mentioned earlier, different versions of the roulette have emerged over time. While the basic features; the wheel and the table remain constant in all the games, the different variations only make this amazing game better. The variations include;

European roulette. This is the most popular of all the toothed wheel sports and can be found on practically all land-based and online casinos. The wheel of this version has only one zero, and the house has a smaller edge compared to the other variations.

  • American type. This game was played in the US for the longest time although its popularity has dwindled over time. The wheel to this game has a double zero on it and, the house edge to this game is quite high.
  • French type. Although a lot similar to the European roulette, this one gives the player a better chance at winning with its La Partage Rule that allows you to two spins for one. So if you lose the first time, you can spin again on the same bet.
  • 3 Wheel type. This variation has three wheels instead of one. The game gives a chance to play with multiple balls on the wheel that spin together until each one of them stops at its own time.
  • Live dealer type. This version lets you experience the feeling of a land-based casino from the comfort of your space. The game consists of a live dealer and a crowd that cheers you own. Unfortunately, you can’t play the live roulette for fun. This has to be played on using real money.

Out of all the variations, the European one is the most popular. While some casinos offer the variations available, all casinos have it. Chances of winning in this casino are higher compared to the others, except the French type.

Enjoy your free roulette for fun at the Ladbrokes casino on your PC or on your mobile phone or iPad. Get familiar with the game and be entertained at this high-quality casino. If you feel that you are having too much fun, you could try the real money version of these games and make some profit. Free roulette games for fun are truly a pleasure.