This is a game enjoyed in most casinos where a small ball is spun on a revolving wheel that is divided into a number of compartments. This ball rolls in the opposite direction to which the revolving wheel is spinning, players then have to place a bet on which pocket the ball will stop at. When it comes to online roulette real money PayPal, the spinning and dropping of the ball are done on live virtual platforms, but the gambling and the gameplay are quite real.


Brief History

As is the case with many popular games played in casinos, numerous theories have been told of the possible origin of this classic game. The most common of these theories is that a French scientist who went by the name Blaise Pascal invented the wheel back in 1655 during a retreat. The gameplay was first enjoyed in a Paris Casino. Another theory suggests that the revolving wheel was the handy work of French monks who looked to break the monotony of their lives and add a touch of excitement to their simple monastery ways. Another common theory states that this wheel was created by French Monks who based the gameplay on an old Chinese variation known as the Tibetian. These theories may differ from each other, but they all share a common theme: this casino game originated from France.

Types of Roulette

There are various types of online roulette for real money PayPal offered by slots casinos. The various kinds of this game apply the same general rules in their gameplay. However, there are a few minor distinctions in the different types of this game.

French Roulette

This is the classic type of the game and is played using a revolving wheel that consists of thirty seven slots. This type carries the best odds for a player to get returns for their deposit. The betting options are more difficult as compared to the American version.

American roulette

This type consists of a not only as single zero but also a double zero on the revolving wheel.

Multi-Player Roulette

This type of applies to European version where as many as five players get to play together and interact with each other during the spins.

Some of the best casino sites that offer the game are;

  • Bovado
  • Sloto Cash
  • Vegas Crest
  • Royal Ace

Roulette Online Real Money PayPal

PayPal money transfer platform has made it possible for players across the globe to access their favorite games without having to worry about access to their payments. For players who want to enjoy online this game for real money, having a PayPal account comes in handy. Some casinos that are compatible with PayPal payment include;

  • 32Red Casino
  • Sky Vegas
  • Paddy Powder
  • Bet365

Roulette online real money PayPal offers players a unique and realistic game whether played on a personal computer or a mobile device. All in all, for players who want to experience this classic game online for actual cash and loads of fun, opting for PayPal as a banking option is a wise and adventurous option.