About Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Riches game is a rebranded version of Wheel of Winners. A production of the online gaming software developer giant Microgaming, the game has the appearance that is quite similar to that of traditional roulette and other wheel games, with the inclusion of a couple of exceptional features that make it more interesting.

This game has been a classic around the world garnering popularity among slot lovers; it could be termed an institution. Its popularity is majorly owed to the combination of roulette excitement and the popular TV show from 1975, Wheel of Fortune. The sound effects, cheering audience, and luminous colors featured on the game go a long way in providing players with the thrill of the TV show.


Unlike traditional roulette that features two colors, Wheel of Riches slots has four colors:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Magenta.

The wagering opportunities are also slightly different. For example, in the even money bets, the odds that are offered are two against one. On the other hand, in the straight up bets, the odds that are offered are thirty-six against one. Even so, there are some similar betting options to those in traditional roulette such as outside bets, inside bets, and other many betting options.

The beauty of this game is that players do not have a limit on a number of bets that they can place. They have the option of placing more than one bet on the Bet Board at a given moment. Even though the bets are played at the same time, their winnings are all independent. During gameplay, all you have to do is select the chip size you want, place your bet (the minimum wager that can be placed is fifty coins), spin the reels, and wait to see if you landed a winning combo.

Bonus Features

The Wheel of Riches game contains additional pockets that are not featured on traditional roulette. The spaces are usually black and contain the labels ‘spins’ and ‘bonus’. When a player lands the spins pocket, they are made eligible to a free spins bonus game that comes with five free spins. The game is played on the main game-wheel. The bonus space offers the player a multiplier bonus game that comes with random multipliers on the total winnings that are made.

Ellen Wheel of Riches Collaboration

These slots have numerous collaborations with slots that are enjoyed in both land based and online casinos. One of the most popular of these is the Ellen Wheel of Riches slot. Based on one of the most watched women on television today, Ellen DeGeneres, the popularity of this game comes as no wonder. This five reels, three rows, and forty payline slot features all the amazing features of Wheel of Riches, but with additions of five free spins bonus and a dunk tank bonus that unlocks extra wilds. The most renowned bonus feature of this slot is the Ellen million dollar Wheel of Riches, which offers the biggest payout of them all.  The slot can be enjoyed on numerous casino sites, as well as the Ellen slot machine app.

Free and Real Money Play

For players who just want to play for fun, the game can be enjoyed on our site for free. However, for players who enjoy the thrill of playing for real money, they also have the chance to make big winnings.

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