If you are a serious gamer in the gambling enthusiasts, you have most probably tried your hand at roulette. Similar to most games that involve gambling found in both land based and online casinos, the game is dependent on the placement of odds. The choice of great odds is crucial so that one can know how often they expect to hit winning numbers on the time roulette wheel and the amount of advantage that they need on their side.

Time Roulette Analysis

Before one can indulge in time roulette, they have to have a clear understanding of its odds regarding house edge. The house edge can be defined as the advantage the respective casino has over its players. The house edge varies depending on which type of roulette the player chooses to play. One can know how good their odds are with the use of a roulette odds calculator. This can be dividing the zeros on the rotating wheel by the number of spaces.

The probability of a win can also be determined roulette probability calculator, which are provided in either percentage, fractions, or ratios. Those presented in fractions and ratios appear quite similar, but most people lean towards those presented in percentages because they are easy to comprehend.

In most cases, players do not have to calculate these numbers on their own. Most casinos that offer roulette also make roulette probability worksheets available for players to see the best odds possible. Some of them include:

  • 888 Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Spin Palace Casino
  • Bet365

Of all the roulette versions available, European type offers the highest odds to players while American type offers the lowest odds. The difference in the two types is the inclusion of a double zero pocket in the American version as opposed to the single zero in the European version. However, both roulette bet odds and payouts depend on the casino one is playing in.

Free or Real Money Availability

Most people enjoy the thrill of spinning the wheel for real money making this version the most popular. However, our site also offers a free version for those who do not want to risk burning holes in their pockets.

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