Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro is an awesome European roulette game that was developed by NetEnt in the year 2011. It has a beautiful layout and exemplary graphics that give it a high-quality visual display. Simplicity is one of the qualities of this game, therefore, there is very little sophistication in the graphical display. Some punters think that it is a bit too basic or cramped, but this is a favorite feature for many gamblers who enjoy classical betting. Also play Common Draw Roulette by Playtech.

You can find all the information about Roulette Pro on the excellent billboard feature. This is a feature that displays some relevant statistics about the table. They include the hot numbers, the cold numbers, the last 14 pockets that the ball fell into and the splits between black and red numbers and odd and even numbers. This information can help you to make a winning choice based on the nature of the slots.

Game Features

This is a classical European roulette, therefore, it has 36 number pockets and one zero. The single zero aspect significantly increases your chances of winning and reduces the house’s edge by about 2.7%. The game has an outstanding 97.3% return to player rate which shows just how high your probabilities of winning are. The minimum chip is 1.0 while the maximum is 100.

However, Roulette Pro was not created with a huge jackpot or bonus features. There are no progressive slots available here. Here, you have to reap big from the regular bets. You should be ready to play the regular game bets and make money consistently. Hence, you shouldn’t stake big and hope to emerge the winner. You would rather stake moderately and keep playing for some time while making regular wins.

There is no bet that you will not find in the Roulette Pro. You can play the regular single number bets or select the special bets. These betting options include:

  • The Single numbers
  • The Odd or Even number
  • Black or Red number
  • 1-18 bets
  • 19-36 bets
  • Combination of 2, 4 or 6 number bets

All these bets are available, and they have different odds depending on the probabilities of winning. The single numbers bets have the highest odds of over 35, but the chances of winning are quite low. The combination of 2 numbers has odds of about half of this which is 17, but the chances of winning are a bit higher. This trend is the same with the splits which have lower odds but high chances of winning.

How to Play?

This is a simple game that you can enjoy on live roulette. The gameplay is quite similar to other European roulette games, and the chips range from one to one hundred. Placing a bet is quite easy, you choose the chip value of your choice and the position on the table that you think the ball will roll into. You then spin the wheel and wait for your wins. There are two special spinning features that make the game even more thrilling. The Auto Play feature enables you to spin the wheel severally without changing the bet whereas the Quick Spin is quite fast hence the wheel whirls about 30 degrees and the ball winnings are revealed.

Can You Play the Real Money Game Online?

Absolutely, the site enables you to play with real money. You deposit money into your online financial accounts and enjoy the process. This feature enables you to enjoy gambling in the comfort of your home or when struck in traffic after a busy day at work or at school.

In addition, you can play on your mobile through the browser or the high-quality mobile apps. There is no online casino that does not offer it, therefore, the availability of the game will never be a concern. However, when you are playing real money, you must ensure that you are playing on a reputable site where your money is secure.

In conclusion, this game is wonderful. It gives you the classical gambling experience that many online slots may not offer. There are very high chances of winning, therefore, you can reap big from the simple regular plays.

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