Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

The online casino and gambling lovers are quite impressed with the Roulette. It is considered as one of the leaders in the top casino games. The famous game of casino has earned tremendous fame in its two versions namely the American and the European roulette. In the same manner, the game has earned a hall of fame among the gambling lovers.

Game Overview

This is the online version of Roulette that is known as the diamond edition. This was launched in the year of 2008 by Microgaming, and since then it has become one of the most exciting games for the players coming to Microgaming casinos. This is the online version of the chance dependent game where you will find everything that is exactly like the physical wheel based roulette game.

Alike the roulette that is played in the brick and mortar casino here you will find the virtual wheel that is offering the chance to be lucky by placing your bets on the numbers. The amazing fact about it is that you can play with the player from anywhere in the world. It also allows the players to bet as per their convenience on the number in between 1 to 36 in different colors red, green, black, purple, yellow and blue. Also play Premier Roulette by Microgaming.

Games Features

Though many of the players can think of it as the traditional roulette, but it is largely falling in the European type as there, you will not find any “00” figure on the wheel. The rest game is almost the same like the American version with the chip values starting at 0.25 to 1000 as per your choice.

The option for expert players is also there which, when selected increases the betting table which allows you to place the bet on the different options like the racetrack, call bets, and neighbor. These are taken from the betting system of the European version of roulette. It adds to the pleasure and raises the excitement for the players.

The most exciting features of this game are as below:

  • Advanced level Roulette By Microgaming
  • Attractive Double bet options
  • Awesome 97.3 % payout ratio
  • Accessible on the Mobile Devices
  • Attractive layout and graphics
  • Avail chance to play with players around the world
  • Amazing betting options like racetrack and others
  • Availability of the game history up eight previous sessions
  • Attractive bonus on different casinos to play with real money

These features make it a preferred choice for the users across the world looking to enjoy the European Roulette.

How to Play? Rules

The game is the advanced level of the roulette by Microgaming. It offers more excitement than the previous versions. This is following the European Version pattern, so you will not find the 00 figure on the table. The rest numbers are in between 01 to 36 in the five different colors.

When the player is ready with the chip size and wants to place the bet the numbers flash on the screen to ascertain the numbers that you have selected to bet. Here you may reselect or go further to play. The option to double the chip size can be selected to double the chip amount by clicking on the double menu.

The player has to hit the “spin” button to start the game. The little ball starts rolling, and the wheel in the inner circle starts moving up and down to give the momentum to the ball. On the slowdown of the wheel, the ball is placed in the pocket, and the placeholder pops on the screen. If the lucky number is yours, the chips are placed on the bottom of the screen.

Want to Play with Real Money

The players willing to play the diamond edition, shall register with the Microgaming casinos. There are several casinos like 32Red, All Slots, Las Vegas, Guts and other Microgaming casinos. The players can go to any of the Microgaming Casinos that deliver the Diamond Edition Roulette for the players. Even you can get it on mobile to play on the go.

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