The gaming industry keeps growing each day as it gains popularity across the globe. The internet plays a significant role in this by offering players a chance to bet in online betting websites. Customers able to choose their favorites; game enthusiasts, for example, get the platform to play roulette for real money online.


Brief History Regarding Roulette

A common saying states that everything French is good. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth considering Roulette is French name for little wheel. Although it has undergone some transformations, Blaise Pascal’s experiment on the perpetual motion machine was the primary antecedent. Nevertheless, the origin of the game is attributed to eighteenth century France (Palais Royal in 1796). Here is a breakdown of how the game has changed over time:

  1. 1790: wheels denoted the single 0 pocket in red color and the double zero in black.
  2. 1800: green color represents both zero slots on the wheel.
  3. 1843: the single zero wheel is introduced by Louis and Francis Blanc in Germany.
  4. The 1860s: spreads across Europe and America.
  5. 20th Century to date: European form spreads across the world except in Canada, the U.S.A., the Caribbean and South America, where the American variety is played.
  6. The 1990s: this table gaming category debuts on the Internet.

Online variation is virtually played using a single white ball spun in the opposite direction of a wheel. A gambler wins if he or she rightly chooses the spot where the ball will stop. Gamers can now play online roulette for real money.

Popular Types of Roulette

There are four kinds of this game. The first two, however, are the major versions.

European Roulette

Its wheel has a one zero pouch. The figures on it range from zero to thirty-six (0-36). The zero pocket belongs to the house; when the ball lands on the zero pocket, a gambler loses his stake to the house. As a result, the prospect to win is 1 to 37. Similarly, the two specialties enjoyed by those who choose to play this European variety include:

Paying the Croupier

You can pay the individual who spins the wheel to put the ball in a position of your choosing before spinning it.

La Partage rule

A player can recover from spinning a zero (losing to the house) by leaving the bet in prison. This allows one to re-spin from the initial position.

American Roulette

Its wheel contains a couple zero pouches labeled ‘0’ and ‘00’. As a result, the house has a higher advantage with the odds for a gamer to win at one to thirty-eight. Also, unlike its European equivalent, the American wheel has consecutive numbers placed opposite each other. For example, the number 1 is placed directly opposite to 2 whereas European wheels’ numbers are randomly placed. As earlier mentioned, it is commonly played in the Americas and the Caribbean islands.

Rapid Roulette

This is a form of virtual gambling where a punter has an opportunity of getting a maximum of sixty-five spins of the wheel at a go. The odds of winning are nonetheless similar; the only benefit is that the touch-screen version has a live dealer and is also a time saver. The Internet has transformed it.

Casino Roulette

It refers to the culture of gambling. Gamblers can play roulette for real money at both online and actual betting houses. The major varieties of roulette feature in those gambling dens.

Play Roulette Online for Real Money

Online game is offered to punters by online gaming houses like Ladbrokes, bet365, and 32Red. It is in these establishments that one can play roulette free to win real money. There are certain online forms including mini-wheel, multi-wheel, Premier and Royale. As for the mobile phones, some supported Android smartphones have apps and games that users can download from Google Playstore. PayPal is an online payment service that ensures smartphone players can transact.

As a roulette-enthusiast, can you play roulette online for real money? The answer is yes. Several online casinos offer the opportunity for that particular purpose. You only ought to find a betting website offering the game and register. You will then send money via the suitable payment methods listed on the site’s homepage. Then, via the virtual interface, place your wager, click on spin and wait for your winnings. Simply, that is how you play roulette for free and win real money. Also, these online gaming websites have bonus offers for customers.

Conclusively, the game is enjoyable regardless of where it is offered. Whether online or otherwise, the simplicity of it is its most alluring quality. Furthermore, the rich history and the chance to play roulette for real money enhances its pedigree.