Real money online roulette is one of the simplest games to partake in and understand in the world of gaming. It goes without saying that the easier a game is to comprehend, the higher the house edge, and as such, this game is no exception. For those who prefer something more challenging and stimulating can look into other alternatives.


Nevertheless, the one variation between Roulette and other table slots is that the betting chips in Roulette lack a printed value denomination. In case you are not aware, the real definition of a chip is one that depicts its worth, and is called a check.

As you play online roulette for real money in any casino of your choice, you will notice that the table consists of a set of six to eight chips of various colors, with each set having a total of 300 checks or chips. During online roulette for real money, when a participant buys a coterie of chips, then he/she gets uniquely colored chips, with the value of each being buy-in divided by the chips he/she instantly receives. The live croupier then proceeds to place a token in addition to his existing stack of the particular color chips, thereby indicating their value.

Variations of Roulette

  • American – It may have a striking similarity to the European version, but the main difference lies in the design of the wheel. For starters, as you place your bet in American Roulette online for some real money, you will notice that it has a 00 slot alongside a 0 pocket. As such, this increases the house’s advantage since there are more spots on the rotating wheel, from which bettors must select, and the winning odds lie from 1 to 38. Secondly, in the American variation, the allocation of figures occurs both logically and sequentially.

  • European – As you know, Roulette originated from France, it is no surprise that the European variant happens to be the most authentic. As you relish European online Roulette with real money, you will notice that the numbers on the wheel run the gamut from 0 to 36. Thereby, this gives players a higher house advantage than in the American variant. Additionally, the winning odds lie from 1 to 37 and tend to increase with a substantial decrease in the stakes. With that said, the house edge varies from 2 up until 7. In a comparison of both European and American versions, the house edges lie at 5.27% and 2.7% respectively. Thus, this automatically means that you incur fewer losses in the European variant.

Playing for Bankroll

In the beginning, you may opt to play real-time roulette for free on your Mobile Phone to get the hang of it. However, as time elapses, playing roulette for real money online has one big appeal which stands out from the rest. The fact that you can walk away as an elated winner with an ear to ear smile on your face and hence a tad bit richer than you began is incredible. Hence, this is the beginning of what makes real money online roulette far much greater and exciting than partaking with ‘fun money.’ Perhaps an ideal reason for playing any online game is not only scoring some coins but to relish in the thrill of it. A coterie of activities in life is as captivating as watching the determination of your fate by Lady Luck. Thus, whether winning, losing, or acquiring a bonus in roulette online for real money, this criterion will always be a part of the machine.