Roulette is a classic French casino invention that involves a ball on a spinning wheel. The player is to choose a red or black pocket where the ball will stop. A correct prediction means the gambler has won. Other selections may be odd, a high or low number of the labeled pockets. The online version is available and is widely played in the New Zealand.

New Zealand Online Roulette Popularity

The United Kingdom consists of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Online roulette is popular in all of these countries based on the fact that majority of the best online roulette are New Zealand focussed.

Also, a lot of players from the New Zealand further consolidates the fact that the game is a norm in that part of the world. In order to get an idea of just how many people participate in it, let us take Bet365 into perspective. According to Wikipedia, the site has over 19 million registered gamers in about 200 countries.

Out of this statistic, we can conclude that many people wager on the online games and a fraction of them of course record wins.

Play and Win Online Roulette

Any person is eligible to play this game as long as he or she is 18 years old and above. You simply sign up to an online casino of your choice and start playing. However, there are professional players who have top notch skills, tactics and strategies to amass big wins.

How much you win from a single spin is determined by how you have placed your bet. The best you can do to boost your winning chances is practicing on free versions to understand it inside out.

You can either choose inside or outside betting types and spin the wheel to win. European version is the favored one by online players in the New Zealand. This is because the American form of roulette has two zero pockets that do not win you a dime while the European type has just one. That explains the 37 pockets found on European wheels to the 38 on the American ones.

Your wager is multiplied by the odds that each pocket represents. The list below shows the betting types on the roulette.

Outside bets Inside bets
Low or High numbers  (1 to 18) Straight
Red or Black pocket Split
Even or Odd numbers Corner or Square
Dozen Trio
Column Top line
Snake First four
Double Street or Six line

The above mentioned vary in odds. You just have to try out your chance. Generally, the outside bets are easier to win although the payout is smaller. On the other hand, the more complex inside bets are harder to predict. A correct prediction offers a higher return to a punter willing to risk. Indeed, it is a high risk, high return sort of gamble.

Best Online Roulette Casinos in the New Zealand

When looking for the best online roulette in the New Zealand, you do not have to try so hard. They are so many of them that offer the game. The following casinos offer the game and are the favorite of many bookmakers in the New Zealand. I will explain why this is so.

The Hippodrome

The graphical quality of roulette here is exquisite. That is why many punters in 2017 highly rank it as the best New Zealand online roulette. The gameplay is even and does not hang in spite of the fact that many people are logged on simultaneously. Microgaming is the developer of the gaming software.

In addition, you get 100%, 25%, and 50% deposit bonuses on your first three deposits respectively. Withdrawal of winnings in classic roulette does not have any requirements. You can deposit a minimum of 10 pounds.

Paddy Power

It is established in Dublin, Ireland. The kicker is their 500-pound sign on offer for new players. You can practice using the free play feature on the Paddy Power website to learn roulette. For example, the Pinball is a special one that incorporates the classic pinball and basic roulette mechanics.

You can also play for actual money at Paddy Power. The deposit and withdrawal options are extensive. The least amount you can deposit is 10 pounds.  

888 Roulette

Live roulette is probably the most outstanding feature of this online platform. Gamblers can play against a live dealer who provides the thrill similar to that in land based table games.

The 200% joining hand-out is a welcome plus for new entrants. Once you spin and win, a variety of payment options is available. 10 pounds is the lower limit for deposits.

Casumo Online

The promotional add-ons include 200 free spins and 100% of your deposit. You can also play it on your mobile phone as the software developers have made it compatible with such devices.

Furthermore, the transactions are simple and straightforward via Visa and wired bank transfers among others. You can enjoy online roulette in the New Zealand at Casumo.

Dunder Online

Finally, Dunder is yet another platform that has these enticing offers; 200%, 50% and 25% on your first three deposits respectively. This is in addition to the rewarding loyalty points and exclusive VIP club membership.

Other casinos you can play roulette online in the New Zealand include:

In conclusion, it is crystal clear to see how popular online roulette is in the New Zealand. With over 100 online casinos offering the game, it is impossible to overlook the fame garnered by this French invented roulette. We have also seen that anyone can play roulette online in the New Zealand because it simply involves a simple spin. However, there exist professional players as well. The bonus promotions offered by these online casinos further endear them to customers. Those that get rewards are motivated to carry on betting in the specific casino. Finally, we have learned of casinos that offer different versions of roulette.