Monopoly is a combination of three roulette types. The classic type, the deal or no deal variation and the double bonus spin roulette. This 3-in-1 combination will certainly ensure hours of fun and entertainment. The layout and numbering are the same as the standard variation, the big bonus slot is relayed from the double bonus spin roulette and once the bonus round has been triggered; the structure and principle will be the same as deal and no deal.

What Makes It Unique

This version of the game has an American feel to it. The Hot properties slot is also seen as another zero, which increases your winnings in the ordinary bets. The hot properties pocket also activates the bonus rounds should the ball land in the slot.

  1. Features – With the monopoly roulette Tycoon, you will be able to change the layout of the tables. The original racetrack layout can be improvised to the properties being scattered on the board.
  2. Powered by – Monopoly roulette Ladbroke, the new developer in control of the online version of Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties.  They all guarantee a very thrilling ride as you will place your bets on both boards and increase your winnings.
  3.  Bonus – The bonus round has the same structure as deal or no deal roulette, however, the boxes are replaced with cards and the monopoly roulette tycoon gets activated during this round should you wish to do so.

Availability of the Game

This new version of the game is also available online.  You have the option of trying out for free or winning big bucks in real money.

If roulette is your aim, then this variation should be your game. Take a spin on the all new sensation, and you will feel that the Luck is on your side!

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