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As you know, there are many versions of roulette. While these versions are commonly based on the rule system, they can be differentiated by features such as the size of the interface and ease of playing on mobile devices. The Mini Roulette game is the smallest in size in this regard and stands out as the easiest to play on mobile devices. The game uses the European rules and offers higher winning odds. It is called “mini”, because the interface is mostly hidden. The interface of a standard game is quite large: The betting options and the wheel cover a large part of the screen. Also you can play 3d roulette at our website.

The mini-roulette game is not so, it is played on a square-shaped screen, and only the table where the betting options are located appears on the interface. All other screens, i.e. the wheel for example, only appear when necessary. For this reason, the visual items in the interface do not take up much space and it is possible to play easily even on the small screens of mobile devices. The game that is subject to this review is developed by NetEnt, but you can find many games on the internet under the same name. The information in this review applies for nearly all of them, too.

Mini Roulette Game Review

Online mini roulette game is not like slot machines, it differs in many ways from betting options to payout tables. So if you’ve only played slots and cards before, this will be a very different experience. The interface is not complicated at all and on the contrary, very simple: It consists only of a square-shaped roulette table, which contains the betting options. Compared to classic roulette, the number of available bets is very small. This is, in fact, an advantage, as the probability of winning increases by almost half. While a standard wheel has 37 numbers, the mini roulette wheel has only 12 digits. For the same reason, the mini roulette table is much smaller than usual. In this respect, it does not appeal to classical experience seekers. You should play mini roulette if:

  • You are looking for a casual experience;
  • You prefer playing games during small breaks;
  • You are not after big winnings;
  • You want to play roulette on your mobile devices.

The highest prize is 5.500 coins. It does not contain any statistical information and consists of only two screens: the table and the wheel. So if you prefer to see a list of previous spins, for example, it is best to choose a “classic” game. However, for casual gamers, this is a very nice option that offers a relaxed gaming experience.

Gameplay Instructions

When you start playing, you will see 4 different chips on the right side of the screen: 1 – 5 – 10 and 100. These represent your wagers. Select one of them and click on the table. You can place more than one wager by clicking additional sections. The minimum bet you can place is 1, and the maximum is 500 coins.

Once you have placed your bets, press the “spin” button. The screen will change and you will see the wheel spinning. If you guessed correctly, you will be entitled to a money reward. So, what are the betting options and prize amounts?

Bet Type Description Payouts
Straight Bet on a single number (0-12) 11 : 1
Split Bet on two adjoining numbers 5 : 1
Street Single horizontal line bet 3 : 1
Corner Betting 4 numbers in a square 2 : 1
Column Betting 4 numbers on a column 2 : 1
Half dozen Bet on a group of 6 numbers 1 : 1
Red/Black Color bet (no numbers) 1 : 1
Odd/Even Odd or even number bet 1 : 1

We recommend that you choose options that pay 1: 1. This is because your winning chances for these are nearly 50%. For other bets, this ratio varies between 31.58% and 2.63%. There are no separate bonus rewards because the game only contains the most basic features.

Instant Play – No Download Needed

Not only download, but no deposit is needed, too. You can enjoy mini roulette online and hundreds of other game versions at, for free.  Playing roulette for real money or for free is a fun and profitable hobby, and we offer the players only the best titles.

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