Marvel Roulette

Marvel Roulette is one of the most popular games. It was developed by Playtech and is among the most played American Roulette type of games. It has a single zero like the European roulette but has an additional pocket which likens the odds to the American type. This game has a spectacular theme and outstanding graphics based on the Marvel Comics. Also play English Roulette by Play'n Go.

The wheel has been splendidly animated to give you a real and exciting gambling experience. All the roulette outside and inside bets are available hence it will definitely satisfy your gambling desires.

What are the Features of the Game?

This game has 38 pockets which include one zero pocket and a unique blue pocket which lies between pocket zero and 32. This is the bonus pocket which leads to a special bonus round. When you place a bet on it and win, you trigger a 3 slot game with a total of 3 spins. If you get matching symbols in the 3 spins, you get amazing payouts depending on the symbol. The symbols include:

  • Ghost Rider symbol: Awards five times your stake
  • Captain America symbol: Awards 8 times your bet
  • Thor symbol: Ten times your stake
  • Fantastic 4 symbol: Fifteen times your stake
  • Wolverine symbol: Twenty times your stake
  • Iron Man symbol: 25 Times your bet amount
  • Hulk symbol: Awards fifty times your stake
  • Spiderman symbol: Awards 100 times your stake amount

The Spiderman symbols are the most coveted symbols here. A hundred times your stake is certainly the jackpot you would want to hit. The common knowledge is that roulette is not the type of game to award huge wins but this game is certainly an exception.

Moreover, there is the progressive jackpot feature which is triggered when you activate the Marvel Mystery bonus. This progressive jackpot is common in most Marvel slots by Playtech. These outstanding jackpots include:

  • Power
  • Extra Power
  • Super Power
  • Ultimate Power

The values of these jackpot increase from power to ultimate power. Once triggered, you get to play a round which features 20 cards which are placed face down. All these cards have a jackpot symbol and you are supposed to select three cards with matching symbols to walk away with the lucrative progressive jackpot. These jackpot wins are substantially big; they could make you the newest millionaire in town.

Game Play

It is quite easy and convenient to play in any online casino. All you need to do is access it and select the chip amount you want. It is suitable for the high rollers and the penny players since the stake limits range from £0.2 to £400. There is the racetrack table and the normal table for you to play the regular variation and the called bets. It has the Auto Play feature which enables you to spin severally uninterrupted on the same bet as well as the Fast Play option where the game barely spins, and the results are displayed.

Marvel Roulette is similar in gameplay with other roulette versions but only has a few unique bonus features. They do not sophisticate the gameplay but improve the winnings.

Can You Play Real Money at the Site?

You can play the free version at the site and develop familiarity with the game before advancing to the real money games. This is an excellent opportunity to understand the dynamics before taking any risks. The real money play requires you to sign up and create an account username and password. You then deposit money through your credit cards or the numerous online money accounts such as PayPal which are supported by the site. This site gives you a real gambling experience; you will not miss the land casinos.

Marvel Roulette is an outstanding roulette game with marvelous features. It has superb graphics and visuals, and the theme makes it quite exciting. The rewarding bonus features make this game even more thrilling. You will definitely relate to your favorite comic characters on a whole new level especially when they reward you the big wins. Moreover, the gameplay is quite simple and convenient therefore even the newbies can reap big. No roulette game can beat the winnings and excitement offered by Marvel Roulette.

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