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NetEnt has tried its best to improvise a table game. Its efforts have shown fruitful outcomes, and one of it is the European Roulette. Its improved version with extra options has created much hype among its fans.

In short, it is a wonderful combination of the live Roulette and online one. This gives it an additional dimension over other games. Since device compatibility and casino software has improved considerably, one can enjoy it on their mobile devices. Tablets, Androids, iPhones and Windows operating devices support the game, only to lend you an excellent chance of experiencing it. Also you can play american roulette at our website.

Explore Betting Options on European Roulette Table

  • Outside bets are positioned inside the boxes and these range from 1 to 36. One gets to choose among the options like Red-Black, Column, High-Low, Odd-Even and Dozen.
  • Inside bets are to be found on the inside of a European Roulette table with the numbers 0-36 imprinted on it. It adds to the excitement of gamblers with its five options- Split, Corner, Straight, Street of Three Line and Six Line.
  • Clicking on a star icon leads gamers to the ‘Favourite Bets’ menu. It is here that a gamer can hoard their favourable bets. Another interesting aspect is the tiny cross, which guides a user to the special bets panel.
  • Race track bets are visible on the left side of the screen, at the bottom. It holds all the numbers in the same arrangement as seen on the wheel. Even in this particular option, one can find five bets – Orphelins, Zero, Tiers, and Neighbours.
  • Dynamic statistics billboards, as placed on the upper right side of the screen, display the history of the game. It specifies the hot and cold numbers that can increase the probability of winning.
  • The bet limit ranges from €1- €500 and allows the players to gamble manifold times.
  • It has its auto symbol, allowing gamers to spin the European Roulette wheel automatically. This can be controlled by configuring time settings.

Speciality of the 3D Roulette

Players prefer European Roulette as it’s a modern version that increases the probability of wins. As it possesses 37 wheel slots, the odds of succeeding are much better. Moreover, it offers all the bets, which a standard roulette contains. Gamers get full assistance, which is another special feature of the modified version. This means that one can know about the payouts and bet odds simply from a section as given on the table. Placing a bet is quite easy, given the assistance.

One should try NetEnt’s European Roulette, to experience the simple graphics, which are soothing to eyes. With roulette taking over the market, European Roulette earns an extra point with its easy to play feature.

Another distinguishing aspect that helps it to score high compared to other regular game, is the clearly posted table maximum and minimum. In accordance with the limits, a player can adjust their bets to suit their budget.

It consists of the inside, outside, special, and call bets. With the presence of special betting options, a gamer can save their favourite ones and choose from them when required. All of these features make it worth playing.

Rules and Strategy

Knowing the rules of the European online Roulette is necessary to fill up your pockets. However, for a novice, it is better to play it free of cost or wager low amounts in the beginning. This will lower the risk of losing out money and make one habituated to the rules of the game.

Betting strategies differ from one individual to another. Each of players has his/her own set of approaches. However, the majority of them take the advantage of Martingale System. Under it, a gambler keeps on placing a bet, doubling it every time the individual loses. In this manner, the player goes on until they hit the jackpot.

The majority of the gamers favour Roulette in European style since it has a lower house edge and provides better odds to all.

How to Amuse Yourself  

One has to follow the below mentioned steps in order to enjoy European Roulette online game:

  1.    Decide on a chip size and settle on bets that you want to place on the table.
  2.    Make sure that your bet does not exceed the $500 limit per spot.
  3.    After placing bets, gamers will wait for the wheel to spin.
  4.    Now start guessing on the slot where the ball will come to rest.
  5.    Finally, the number will be disclosed, and those who attain the winning bets will automatically be paid.

Play European Roulette to experience the billboard feature, whereby it displays all the cold/hot numbers identified in the last 500 spins. For gamers’ convenience, bar charts are also illustrated to display the Even-Odds and Red-Black bets. It will also feature the number of games that had ended with it.

Play with Real Money or for Free at our Website

Play European Roulette for fun at our website if you want to experience its modified version. Since the best strategy is to try it initially free of cost, one should consider it as their pastime and go on with it. The advantage of not involving real money is that a player will get all their time to learn the basic rules of the game, like placing bets and identifying those that generate the best payouts. With our website, one will not have to visit a casino, to try it. Nonetheless, if your interest is to draw large payouts then engage real money in it.

This detailed review brings us to the conclusion that out of all the casino games ranging from Slot Machines, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and Craps, Roulette is the best. Play live Roulette at our website to win higher payouts and this will generate greater interest in you. However, the only condition for enjoying the large payouts is trying European Roulette online with real money.

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