This game is a creation by the online gaming software provider Microgaming, developed as part of the Gold game series. In the world of gambling, there are numerous versions of roulette available. Of all these types, the version that is most kind to players is the European version since it offers players higher winning odds. European Roulette Gold is based on this version, featuring thirty-six numbers and one zero on the rotating wheel.

The most notable feature of this game that makes it stand out is the provision of eight different bet layouts that are accessible at any given moment. The fact that one can customize the layouts to either single bets or auto play makes this game’s betting quality quite stunning. This option allows players to add, remove, or reset your moves on the roulette table until they are satisfied with the way they have wagered on the game. Once this is done, you can select save and spin away.

Extra Features

In roulette, the usual features offered are outside bets and inside bets. With European Roulette Gold, nine extra call bets are offered to improve the player’s experience. They include:

  • Tiers Du Cylindre
  • Red/Black Splits
  • Finales a Cheval
  • Zero
  • Finales en Plain
  • Les Orphenils

All these call bets can be selected right from the roulette table. The limits set on the bets are two hundred and fifty pounds for the straight bets and five hundred pounds for the split bets. For players who would wish to make higher wagers, European Roulette Gold High Limit – which is also a part of the Microgaming Gold game series, offers higher bet limits as suggested by the gamename.

However, the game features a few downsides to it. Even though it offers players a lot more bet types than regular European roulette, their gameplay can be difficult for players to comprehend. The procedures that come with the game may prove confusing for players who are trying their hand at it for the first time. Additionally, players receive a lower percentage in their favor in comparison to other versions of European Roulette.

Free and Real Money Options

This roulette is predominantly enjoyed as a real money game. However, if you are new to the gameplay and do not wish to risk your money before getting the hang of how it operates, our site offers a free demo version. This version comes with ten thousand credits that are used for betting practice. It allows you to explore all the features for as long as you require to learn the game strings. Once you are confident about your gameplay, you can proceed to the next level that offers real money wagers and winnings.

Both the free version and the real money play are made mobile compatible on most platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. This is especially convenient for players who like to enjoy their games while on the go.

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