Among casino games, Roulette is the most played game worldwide. Traditionally also roulette wheel had a completely different charm of its own. It continues to be everybody’s favorite even in the virtual world.

Over time there have been lots of versions of the game. There are different variations for every country. The most played and common type is the European which has a wheel of 37 numbers. There are also American type, Astro, French, Chinese Roulette and so on that are played across the world. Chinese Roulette game, though originated from China, is played all around the globe.

Chinese games market is definitely one of the widely popular ones. It makes sense to have their own version of every game. Chinese roulette is very similar to the normal European variation you play, but with a Chinese twist.

Game Overview

To its core, this one is a roulette game only. But forget the familiar 37 numbered wheel. There is a wheel alright. But it will have zodiac signs all over it.Instead of 1 to 36 numbers, there will be 12 Chinese star signs like Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

The signs are 12 and the wheel has 37 pockets. That is why each animal sign is allocated 3 pockets. That still makes 36 pockets. The last remaining one has number 8 on it instead of 0. Number 8 is considered immensely lucky in China.

The wheel of this game has the same sign made on it thrice. Thus, any of the three pockets will give you the same result. It will increase your chance of winning as compared to the gameplay. It all depends on your stars now!

About The Bets

Like any other roulette game, you need to place your bets before spinning the wheel. You can bet whatever amount you like as long as it is more than the minimum amount and less than the maximum limit. There are lots of combinations for betting in this game. Chinese Roulette analysis for betting possibilities are as follow:

  1.    Number 8: Place the bet on number 8 which has only one pocket on the wheel.
  2.    Single sign: You can place your bet on one single animal which will give you 11-1 chances of winning.
  3.    Split: You can bet on two adjoining animal signs on the wheel. If the ball lands on any one of them, you win.
  4.    Square: In this combination, the bet is made at the intersection of any four signs.
  5.    Seasons: Each season – spring, summer, autumn, and winter – has a slot made of three signs. A ball on any of these slots gives you a win.
  6.    Elements: Just like seasons, the elements fire, air, water, and earth have four slots made of three signs.
  7.    Rows: Rows cover four adjacent zodiac signs on which you can bet.
  8.    Positive/Negative: This is more like red/black of the traditional variation. It covers half the wheel, that is, 6 signs. Winning here pays out even money.
  9.    Basket: This slot covers number 8 and any two animal signs.

Start playing right now! You don’t need real money. You can play for free!

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