There was a time when astrology ruled the lives of people. A common man used to make day-to-day life decisions based on their zodiac sign and the day’s horoscope. Now, the times have definitely changed. We don’t practice it so intensely anymore. But it definitely still has some place in our life. Many people still read their horoscopes daily, though just for fun and entertainment.

The entire basis of the game Astro Roulette is astrology. In fact, it is a merger of astrology and roulette. It is played in the same way. You need to spin the wheel, place the bet and wait for the ball to land where you want it to. But it will not land on any familiar numbers. Instead, the ball will land on symbols representing various zodiac signs.

Game Overview

Playing the game is no different. It has the same method. The biggest difference is in the wheel. It has symbols representing the astrological signs like Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Now the wheel needs to fill 37 places while the signs are just 12. So every zodiac sign gets 3 pockets which fill 36 slots. The one pocket that is left is filled with infinity symbol which acts as this game’s “Zero”.

You cannot bet on a single pocket except infinity because each sign has been assigned 3 pockets in the wheel. Just like normal Roulette, Astro Roulette also allows you to bet in combinations. Some of the common combination bets are as follows:

  1. Betting on only one pocket that is the infinity symbol
  2. Betting on any sign of your choice
  3. Betting on two adjoining signs
  4. Betting on infinity and any two adjoining signs of your choice
  5. Betting on an assortment of 3 signs
  6. Betting on any four of the 12 signs
  7. Betting on positive/negative, that is, bet on six of the twelve symbols

Just like any other online casino games on our website, you can choose if you want to bet with real money or play for free!

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