In the initial days of gambling in a casino, this “wheel game” belonged to the high streets as well as the blue-blooded folks. That was the class that could comfortably afford to visit gaming parlors and relishes in the excitement. As time elapsed, this number of people became astronomically high, and thus, the development of simple versions of roulette came about, in adherence to the latest technological trends.


In the current era, these games have become immensely popular, that users play them on their plethora of Mobile gadgets. Hence, irrespective of whether you come from Europe, Asia or America, the dream of playing web-based roulette games for some real bankroll, has now become a reality. There are real money roulette apps for Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Apple. Additionally, players can enjoy these games on Instant Play or install apps on their iPhones, Android devices or iPads.  

What You Should Know Before Installing a Roulette App for Real Money

Before you begin playing the game for some real bankroll on your PC or portable device, you ought to familiarize yourself with the ground rules of gameplay.

For starters, it is a game of sheer luck, as it uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) which creates a set of sporadic numbers which determine the outcome. Thus, this software does not consider the bets gamblers make, or if the small ball lands on the same winning digits consecutively. Thus, there is no way of predicting the next set of winning numbers. With that said, avoid being fooled by the roulette scoreboard which displays the last winning sequences, assuming that it will go a long way in making accurate winning predictions.

The Best Real Money Roulette Apps

  • The William Hill Casino Club – It is indeed one of the Top of the Range apps for partaking in this table game for real money, on your Android phone and tablet, iPhone or iPad. For instance, players receive a superb bonus of 150% of their first deposit, which ranges between a substantial £35 and £100. Additionally, new clients also receive ten free spins to try their luck and win big.

  • Betfair Casino – Its ranking stands at the top five roulette applications, more so for Apple users. Furthermore, it has the simplest possible bonus deposit, ranking at £100 and £200, which they can use to play and walk away as stoked winners.

The Placement of Numbers and Tracking the Wheels

As you know, the organization of the numbers occurs in such a way that the sum of the digits in one section is equal to the sum in another section (666). Furthermore, nowadays the wheels are of top-notch quality and regularly undergo rigorous auditing for fairness and randomness.

In addition to that, for gamblers who wish to participate in this table game, all they require doing is downloading and installing the Mobile app and begin the thrill.