To play roulette, you do not have to go to a casino or use your computer. This game, invented in Europe during the 19th century, is probably the most popular casino game after slots. It is at least as charismatic and more profitable as blackjack: Playing roulette can make you rich and look classy while doing that. And it's easy to play more than ever.


With mobile software, you can enjoy playing everywhere and whenever you want with your mobile phones and tablet PCs. In this article, we’ll talk about the software you can use on the Android platform. And yes, you can still make real money by playing with real money using mobile devices.

What is Real Money Roulette Android?

As its name suggests, roulette games that run on the Android operating system are given this name. Android is an open-source software, which is used on multiple brands of mobile devices. It is not possible to give (or recommend) a brand for this reason. If your phone can connect to Google’s App Store, it means you can also play roulette games on this platform.

So, how are you going to do that? There are two kinds of mobile apps:

  • Casinos App: This software is developed by the casino itself. You need to be a member of that place to use it. With the app, you connect to the casino website and play only the games that are already there. For safety and ease of use, we recommend that you choose this option.
  • Independent App: This type of software is not affiliated with any casino and provides access to free playable games. Usually, there is no option to play with real money. Even if the option is provided, it is not reliable enough. Use this type of apps only for casual gaming.

Whichever option you choose, you need to download the relevant software from the App Store. You can easily find the official app by searching for the casino name.

The Best Real Money Roulette App Android

Obviously, it’s a little hard to tell which the best app is. Because, as mentioned above, the software you use will be determined by the casino you are already a member of. If you are a mobile gamer, first of all, pay attention to the number and variety of games the casino offers. Mobile support can be limited even for casinos that offer hundreds of games.

In addition, it is also important which roulette version you have access to. Roulette is divided into two basic categories, Europe and America. Simply put, the American version has more numbers on the wheel, and for this reason, you have a lower chance of winning. In other words, it is important that you choose software that includes the European version.

Make sure that the app supports a touch-based control system for a fun and easy experience. Do not forget to check out the special bonus offers for the mobile version too. In some cases, you can get a starting capital of hundreds of dollars for free.

In any case, once you have found the right software, you can use your mobile phone to play roulette with real money. Moreover, you are not restricted by space or time. You can earn a profit even with a few minutes of game play. However, always try the free version of the game first and get some experience.