The 3-Wheel Roulette is a modification of the classic roulette betting game that was done by IGT in a bid to bring some oomph to the game. This version of the game will have you sitting at your desk for hours. First time player, or playing after a long hiatus, you need not worry because 3-Wheel Roulette is very easy to figure out. Coupled with its crystal clear visuals, and sounds so realistic, there's no use making plans for later because chances are, you won’t be going anywhere.

How Do You Play the 3-Wheel Roulette?

Well, don’t expect to see 3 separate wheels as the name describes. The game is made up of a wheel with a single zero as is typical of the roulette. However, the wheel is split into two different rotating parts like three wheels put on top of each other. The three different parts spin at different speeds and they will, therefore, stop at different times. You also use three chips to play the 3-Wheel Roulette. Once you have made a bet, the three wheels will all spin and you will end up with different results from each wheel. Once all the 3 sections have stopped, where the chips will have landed will be the result of the spin and will determine whether you have won or not.

How do You Win?

When you place one bet, it is like you have made three bets. The amount you place on the wheel will be tripled to cater for the other two sections. Since the number at which the balls stopped during the rotation represent the 2nd and 3rd results, If the wheels stop on where you placed your chip, then it means you have won. This, however, doesn’t usually account for the big wins.

Additional Features

IGT added an irresistibly amazing feature that is the side-bet. The side-bet, known as the color up bonus, has some potentially huge wins if you manage to have two or more colors or two or more zeros coordinating. The side-bet is considered the go to section for jackpots. The wins gotten from the side-bet are as follows:

  • If you get 2 same numbers, you win 5x the amount of your bet
  • For 3 same numbers, you win 100x your bet amount
  • For 2 same colors, you win 2x your bet amount
  • 2 zeros paired get you 25x your bet amount
  • Triple zero’s get you 1200x your amount

The game gives you a chance of winning 3 times with each bet. When they said that 3 times is a charm, they definitely had this game in mind. Have triple the fun and stand a chance of winning triple times. What’s even better is that you can enjoy the 3-Wheel Roulette free play before you decide on whether the game is worth your time. Chances are you will be asking to use your bankroll in no time. This is your opportunity to be a star.

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