Bet365, one of the UK's most recognized online casinos, is a sub-brand of the group company with the same name. The company, known for its expertise in poker and bingo, offers Playtech and Microgaming titles at its casino. So there are dozens of different options for static video roulette games. Likewise, you can easily find blackjack, poker, and baccarat, too.

Working under the Gibraltar and Gambling Commission licenses, Bet365 also offers mobile gambling support. So you can access the website with almost any portable device and even play live casino games. However, choosing desktop PCs for the virtual casino option will provide a more comfortable gaming experience. Also read about Betfair live roulette.

Difference between Live and Static Roulette

Almost all online casino games are played against the computer. In other words, you will not be dealing with a real person. In this respect, social interaction options are limited. It is also the reason why they offer a different experience than the land-based casinos. Virtual gaming eliminates this disadvantage: With live games, you will be dealing with a real dealer. You will even have “table-friends” and chat with other people while playing.

The system is simple: You remotely connect to a webcam and view the entire game in real time. Some systems even allow you to give voice commands. But mostly, you still play the games using the buttons on the interface. The dealers are real and mostly in a brick-and-mortar office. Live roulette games are like visiting a land-based casino from home. You can live the classic casino experience without sacrificing comfort and convenience. To play online casino games, you must install a special software to your computer and have a stable internet connection.

Bet365 Casino Live Roulette Games

Bet 365 offers a total of 2 live roulette versions. Both of these are played according to European rules. In other words, there are not too many options for real-time gaming. Interestingly, they always use the same dealers. In this respect, you have two options, “European dealer” and “Asian dealer”, both of whom are women. Normally dealer rotation is very common in online casinos and it is quite difficult to see the same dealer twice. Bet365 is always using the same people. This is actually a logical strategy, because it arouses confidence. Also read our Bet 365 roulette review.

After installing the special software, you can access the games. You can choose any roulette game you want, both are exactly the same. Only the dealers are different. The interface is very realistic and practical. There are not too many colors or distractions, so you can focus on the roulette table. Betting options are at the bottom of the screen, as usual. The minimum bet amount is 0.50 coin, and the maximum bet amount is 1.000 coins. However, if you are a VIP player, you may be able to get special betting limits. To place bets, simply click on the table. In the left corner, there is a simple statistics screen too. Unfortunately, there is no chat support. You can play with other people at the same time, but you cannot communicate with them.

Special Bonuses for Roulette Players

Although not exclusive to roulette players, there are three bonus offers available to all live casino players:

  • VIP Scheme: Every bet you place and every game you play gives you a point. Depending on your point amount, you gain bronze, silver, or gold status. Each status offers a different advantage. For example, while silver members earn up to 100 bonus chips monthly, this value is 350 bonus chips for gold members. You can turn these chips into real money and use them in games. Every 100 chips can be redeemed as 1 USD or Euro.
  • Playback Bonus: Every Thursday you earn 10% more on live games. To take advantage of this offer, you must deposit a minimum of 10 Euro. The upper limit is 100 Euro.
  • New Player Bonus: New members qualify for a match bonus of 100%, with a minimum deposit of 10 Euro. So if you deposit 20 Euro to your account, for example, you will also get another 20 Euro for free. For VIP members, this rate is 200%.

Although the Bet365 does not offer a special virtual casino practice, it can offer a reliable, stable and enjoyable gaming experience.

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