Online Casinos in the UK Offering the Best Live Dealer Roulette Gambling

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games played since the 18th century. It is played by betting on numbers or colors of a spinning wheel, or a little wheel, as the actual meaning of the French word goes. A small white marble is thrown on the spinning wheel, and the result lies upon whether the marble rests on the betted number as the wheel stops.

This is an interactive game where one or a group of gamers can bet on. So far, roulette was exclusive to land-based casinos, but now with the advent of the internet and television, it has been widely played on live dealer betting sites since the mid-2000s. This review reveals the main information about the best live roulette in the New Zealand.

What is Live Roulette?

It refers to the virtual version of a traditional game. It started off with a television show on Sky Channel, but today real-time gambling is available widely on European betting sites, for the best online casino live roulette for social gambling, throughout the world.

The most enjoyable part is its interactive nature, for which online roulette site owners recreated the traditional interface with the use of live croupiers to host the betting on a web based setup, who coordinate with gamers over chat boxes and video streams. So that, gamers now have the best of both worlds, they can enjoy the fun of a real-time game, at the comfort of playing on a home computer. The most distinct element about this version of the game is that is it is very interactive, as players can bet together and chat as well through personal chat boxes.

Where to Play?

Other than a land-based casino, you can play live roulette through your television that airs the show at a specific time, and you need to follow the time, use your computer to place your bet. Or you can directly stream it by logging into a gaming portal or website through your devices, including, desktop, laptop, tabs and mobile with high-speed internet connection.

The best live roulette payout chances are offered by European roulette wheels with 1 zero, other than the typical Vegas style American wheels with 2 zeros that apparently increases the house edge quotient.

You need to choose your table and then bet with your chips by placing them either in the center of the table for a single bet or on the line for a split bet. Most live roulette boards mimic the original spinning wheel; others have a labeled board, with number groups, odds, evens and different colors. Just use your mouse to select your desired number/color/bet. The spinning wheel goes off in 30seconds’ intervals, and the bet is settled on the systematic slots on your computer screen.

The Best Places to Play Live Roulette in the New Zealand

Here are some of the best live roulette casinos:

  • Super Casino
  • Groveynor Casino
  • Royal Panda
  • Genting Casino
  • Mansion Casino

Note that roulette has a high house edge, meaning there are limited chances for you to win the payout. So it is more functional to opt for this for a short while or a disciplined gaming strategy. Other options like Blackjack have a comparatively low house edge, so consider if you want to enjoy for the long run.