For a fact, New Zealand Roulette is by far one of the simplest games for players to comprehend and partake in online and land-based casinos. The easier a slot game is to play, then the higher the house edge. As such, free online roulette is no exception to this rule and is significantly slow-paced.


The one variation that you will notice when you play New Zealand roulette online for free or for some real bankroll is the fact that the chips in this table game lack the imprinting of a denomination of values. Furthermore, the table comprises a total of six to eight different sets of colored chips, with each set having at least 300 checks or chips. All gamblers who choose to buy some chips, automatically receives his/her unique color, with the value of each calculated through the division of the buy-in by the number of chips you receive. The croupier then places a token on top of the stack of colored chips, thereby depicting the value.

The Ground Rules

As you partake in free online roulette for fun, you will see that it exudes simplicity that new players can promptly get acquainted with the ground rules in a span of a few minutes, more so thanks to the simulators.

  • Gamblers place their stake levels on a grid– Every participant has different colored chips, and thus, the first step is to put these chips accordingly on the table.
  • The croupier then spins a metal ball around the wheel then announces to all players that there are no more wagers permitted at the time. – As you engage in online roulette free or for a few coins when the ball in one of the slots vibrantly colored pockets or slots, the placement of a marker on the gambling grid takes place.
  • The clearing of all losing stake levels and the rewarding of winners- The amount which players can walk away with varies depending on the type of wager selected. Thus, as a participant, all you require having knowledge of is the type of bets to place and cash out the probability for each one. As such, this series of events occurs irrespective of whether you partake in fun in a web-based gaming parlor or a Live Roulette table.

The Statistics

Without a doubt, whether you play a real bankroll or New Zealand free Roulette game online or offline, the fact remains that it is a game of a plethora of rotating figures. Thus, there are over 38 numbers to take into consideration in this slot. For instance, the French version has the most minimal house edge, at 1.35%

Secondly, it is a game which exudes equal opportunities. Irrespective of the fact that it is male-dominated, nearly half (46%) of its participants are female.

The European version happens to be next in the queue, with a slightly higher house edge of 2.70%. Last but not least, there is the American variant which stands at 5.26%, and is hence the highest. For those who may not know, the lower the house edge, the greater your chances of minting it in the long haul.

The Odds of Scoring Rewards According to the Roulette Variant

  • Stake levels for even figures (French or European variants)-  18/37 or 48.44%
  • Wagers on odd figures (European or French variations)- 18/37 or 48.44%
  • Betting on all even numbers in the American type- 18/38 or 47.26%
  • Gambling on odd figures in the American type- 18/38 or 47.26%

The Types

As you know, there is a coterie of popular types of New Zealand Roulette online free and for playing with some coins, with no download required. These types are also readily available in any land-based casino.

  • American Roulette– It varies from its European counterpart in the outlook of the wheel. Thus, the American version contains a 00 and a 0 pocket which thereby leads to an increment in the house edge. Furthermore, the winning odds run the gamut from 1 to 38. The placement of the numbers occurs both sequentially as well as logically. For instance, you will see 9 directly across 10.
  • European Roulette- It is by far one of the most authentic versions which players can enjoy. The digits found on the wheel run the gamut from 0 up until 6, which excludes the 00 found in the American counterpart. Thus, gamblers have a greater playing advantage than in the American version, with the odds of winning varying from 1 up to 37. The house edge in this variant is at 2.7%. Therefore, this leads to incurring significantly smaller losses.
  • French Roulette For starters, it has the lowest house edge of 1.35%. Secondly, the labeling of the digits occurs from 0 (marked in green), and 1 to 36 which are colored in red as well as black. The outside gambling field in this French type is divided into two and situated along both ends of the table’s layout.

Other types entail Casino, Rapid, and Chinese Roulette, among others.

The Most Popular Alternatives

  • Multi-wheel Roulette– Stemming from Microgaming, this online free roulette game adds a touch of excitement to the world of gambling, with eight simultaneously rotating wheels. Furthermore, high rollers have an opportunity to try their luck with as much as $50 for each spin.
  • Immersive Roulette- Participants get to encounter various angles with this Live Croupier version from the prominent Evolution Gaming, thus increasing its popularity rapidly. The cinematic, incredible and intuitive backdrop will immediately modify the angle of the camera to give you a satisfying view of the present occurrences. Gamblers can place their stake levels from as little as $1 to as much as $10,000 per spin.
  • Premier Roulette Diamond Edition– It has been in existence for nearly a decade since the year 2008. Additionally, this free roulette online slot contains numbers labeled 1 to 36 in varying colors such as yellow, blue, red, purple, black, and green. Players can opt to partake with either 00 or 0.  Upon joining, they receive an online roulette free bonus with no deposit needed, for trying their luck.

All in all, participants can play the above New Zealand games for free, or put down a deposit at, among others.