A credit card is a payment channel issued to users to pay a merchant or pay for goods and services based on the promise to the issuer to pay back plus a sort of interest. Since a lot of people own this type of payment option, it has quickly become a widespread way to deposit money at online gaming sites. This payment options makes transactions very fast and simple, normally crediting your account in an instant when loading your deposits.

What Is Credit Card Roulette?

Depending on the context, it could have two specific meanings:

  1. On the online gaming context, it basically means that it is a game where the card is the primary payment option.
  2. When you are hanging out with your friends, and you meet up for lunch, for instance, you can also play credit card roulette. In this case, it is a coincidental more traditional game where every each of you will contribute your banking card into a billfold or hat then request the waiter to shuffle them and pick one at random. In case yours is picked, you will pay the entire bill of the group, and the rest will have enjoyed a free meal!

Both ways, it involves a lot of excitement and some luck brought about by the odds of winning whether there is a wheel or not,

Most Popular Cards Accepted Online

MasterCard, VISA and American Express(AMEX/Amex) are by far the most popular ways to deposit at an online Roulette site whenever you want to play. It’s quite difficult to get a gambling site that does not accept this type of payment

To help you truly understand their popularity, here is a quick overview of the global number of cards in use across the globe:

  • VISA has over 500 million in circulation.
  • MasterCard comes second with over 250 million in circulation.
  • Finally, American Express is a bit smaller than the two with over 90 million.

Judging from these statistics, why would any casino want to miss out on such a huge market?

The Credit Card Roulette App

One of the main problems with the traditional game between friends, sometimes the person shuffling the cards may turn out to be biased. Someone somewhere noticed this issue and they decided to create a Credit Card Roulette App instead!

So, with this mobile app, instead of physically shuffling the cards, you just enter everyone’s name and the app. After that, the algorithm of this app will gently eliminate names from the list one after another till the winner is found. If you ask anyone who has use this app, they’ll tell you the one by one elimination of the names increases the tension and excitement that comes with this type of game.

As an extra advantage of this app, if the bill is too high for one person to pay, you can set the application to select multiple people. How convenient is that?

Top Online Casinos for Playing Roulette with Cards

Going back to online gaming, there are a couple of online casinos that stand out because of how efficient it is to make payments using the card. Our list of this casino was arrived through checking the processing speeds for both deposits and cashouts via this option plus whether or not there are fees involved when using them.

Another important factor that we considered before finalizing this list of top casinos is the variety of card options and the games that the betting zone offers.  So, without any further ado, here is a list of the well-known casinos that one can pay and cash out with them:

  1. River Belle Online Casino
  2. Gaming Club Casino
  3. Spin Palace Casino
  4. Casino Land
  5. Jackpot City Casino
  6. Ruby Fortune Casino


Feel free to share this informative post with your Facebook friends or any other social media platform that you constantly use. Try your luck at the awesome games from the named top 6 casinos, and if you want to deposit bankroll or withdraw a win, you are sure of fast, secure transaction speeds. On the other hand, in case you like to play credit card Roulette with your friends as you hand out, try using the app to introduce an extra twist of fun!