The game of land-based New Zealand roulette has been present for a long time now, but the online, especially the live roulette, is allowing old players to play the game wherever they go and bring the new generations to the table. Playing online gambling games is famous especially for one reason - because of the demo credits included in the "fun version" of the games because the gamblers can roll, spin and play cards for free using the unlimited coins.


Fun chips are still included in the New Zealand roulette at some places, but the bonuses that the platform offers are making the “fun version” of the game disappear slowly. There are a lot of locations where you can play roulette, hence use our bonuses to start playing! The reason for that is the no deposit roulette bonus which not only gives the chips to the visitor but the real cash.

Welcome Online Casino Roulette Bonus

roulette casino bonusThe welcome bonus roulette online is an addition to the first few deposits which can boost the invested amount of money. Usually, the first deposit made will be increased by some percentage (it is always clarified by the platform what the percentage is), followed by the second and third deposit boosts as well. In some cases, this is just a sign-up bonus which comes with no deposit required. Some casinos prefer to increase the rate for later deposits, and some might give the biggest bonus at the first one and decrease it later.

Other bonuses are:

  • Special
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • VIP bonuses

The special giveaway is unique for each New Zealand casino, so make sure to find the information about it and take the most out of it. Daily, weekly and monthly bonuses are self-explained as they can occur in the specified period. VIP is for the most loyal and constant gamblers, who have either playing at the casino for a long time or have fulfilled some tasks or challenges given by the casino.

Welcome casino bonus roulette is the next thing to do if you have already used the roulette no deposit bonus. You will always get more cash than you invested in the casino, for the first few times, and even when those rewards expire, there are the new ones that are obtained by playing each day or for a long time.

What Is the No Deposit Bonus Roulette?

The New Zealand online roulette no deposit bonus represents the opportunity for all the gamblers who are qualified to gamble online and register to an online casino to try out the machine for free, with a chance to win cash!

How that works is that some casinos provide a certain amount of real money after the registration to the registered account, and a gambler can use it to play the roulette casino. Those bonuses can be claimed:

  • Automatically, after the registration is finished
  • By entering the promotional code provided by the casino
  • Clicking on a unique code sent to the email after the signing up process is finished

Those are the three most modern ways of obtaining the online roulette no deposit bonus. Most casinos on our website offer this amazing offer, and every gambler should use it as a tool to get started at the chosen table.

The search filter on our site can be used to find the particular casino that offers the no deposit bonus roulette system. However, be aware that it can be used only once, after the registration and before any deposits are made. Make sure to check if there is one, and then, if needed, invest your money.

The prize that can be won using the bonus without deposit might sometimes be limited, and the withdrawal will be required to get the most out of it. Roulette bonus no deposit is, however, a nice giveaway for beginners.

Online Roulette Bonus Activation

To get the New Zealand roulette casino bonus (listed above), a gambler might need to wager the specified amount of cash sometimes. Depending on the casino, there is a maximum and a minimum amount required to trigger the best bonus offer available.

For example, if the casino has the minimum set at £10 and the maximum at £500, any amount in that range will trigger the bonus, but if it’s below the min or above the max, only the money that has been deposited will be granted to the account, so be aware of that and make sure to use the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd deposit bonus if they are available.

Sometimes, a customer is on a bad run, but there is no reason to get discouraged as the casinos on our website provide the cashback feature. For example, if £50 are lost in a short period, the casino will give back £20 to the account, to help gaining back the lost money. These numbers will vary when changing the casino; they might give back a percentage of the lost cash, or a static amount, depending on how the software works. All the info about the cashback can be found on our website, or directly at the casino or in-game.

Because of the great optimization, all the games can be played on various devices, such as the PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. Mobile roulette became well-known in the last couple of years as the smartphones are affordable and easy to carry around. Both the gameplay and the rules are the same for all the devices.

Always remember to gamble safe and responsible, and as the first rule of gambling says never invest more than you can afford to lose. Make sure to use all the bonuses available, and enjoy the chosen roulette game. We offer both European and American roulette, with many modifications made by the developers to the game to make it more fun and entertaining. Check out the live roulette as well, where the live dealer spins the wheel for you and makes sure that you have a good time.