If the big roulette wheels such as the American or European variation of this game are too intimidating for you try out the smaller version of this table game. Mini roulette consists of only 13 slots, 12 numbers and a zero. This will ultimately raise your odds, as it will be easier to make a decision on which numbers or colors to bet. Options that seemed more daring on the big wheel might now be more in reach.

Finding the Strategy

With this version the house has a greater edge than even the American variation, this was a bitter pill to swallow for such a fun looking game. In order to increase the odds of the player, they have now have incorporated a bonus into the zero. Should you land in the zero, half of what you have lost will be paid back to you. This move from the developers has now saved the reputation of the mini roulette allowing for a lower house edge.

Winnings Are Possible!

So, roulette is ultimately a gamble, there are no mini roulette tricks; you will need to depend on luck to win anything.  A common strategy is to bet on single numbers. You can also play with colors. A good way of evaluating a table is by looking at the table limits, this will give you an indication whether it is a winning or losing table, however, you need to remember that with roulette there is no specific strategy that will actually succeed in the long run as every spin is random and there is no way in knowing what is happening next.

Tips to Consider

Although there are no specific tips to win mini roulette if you are a new player we recommend that you look for a free online site and practice playing it for free before risking real money. This will give you a better idea of what this game is like, and the different edge that has been incorporated in the zero. When you feel more comfortable with this creation, you can try your luck and bet in the real casino. Who knows, you might find a strategy that suits your playing style, which will allow you win big.

Let’s look at the main differences between the mini roulette and the big wheels, in a nutshell.

  • There are only 13 slots of which six is red, and six is black.
  • Your numbers are ranging from 1 – 12
  • Single numbers is a big favorite
  • The house edge has been reduced by adding a bonus feature to the zero on the wheel.

Now that you have all the information about the game, how about you work on your own roulette 12 strategy? You can only hope that lady luck will be on your side. Or maybe you are able to beat the wheel and find a way of winning big every time with your mini roulette strategy. Keep your eyes on the wheel.

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