“How to win roulette every time” is a phrase that every gambler on planet earth googled at least once. Especially the beginners, because those who are experienced roulette players know that you can only apply certain strategies to slightly increase your odds of winning on roulette every time.

The first thing everyone needs to be aware of is that there is no guide or strategy that can guarantee you to 100% win at roulette every time. Every roulette wheel, whether it is located in land-based casinos or available online has something called the house edge. It is represented in percentages and shows how much the casino (machine) takes for itself from all the placed bets.

There are two basic types of roulette wheels:

  • The American Wheel
  • The European Wheel

The house edge is 2.7% for all the classic European wheels, and 5.5% for the American. The reason while the difference between these two is more than x2 is because of the double zero field on the American roulette.

You might be wondering why would anyone choose American roulette over the European version when the advantages European has are obvious. Well, all gambling machines are made to entertain the users in exchange for a small fee, and some people simply find the American version more fun and entertaining.

As we are focusing on boosting the chances of winning at roulette every time, it is obvious that playing European roulette is a lot better idea.

Win At Online Roulette Every Time

On your journey of trying to win online roulette every time you’ll come across several different European wheels such as:

  • The Double Ball Wheel – Played with two separate balls spinning at the same time
  • Multi Wheel – More than one wheel is included
  • Immersive – Live roulette with HD streaming with multiple cameras
  • High-Rolling Wheel – A heaven for people who are gambling huge amounts of cash

These are all variations of the classic version, but those who are wondering how to win at roulette every time, sticking with the basic wheel is just fine, as the other ones might lower the RTP.

In order to win online roulette every time you’ll have to forget about all the mini-features available around the wheel. These features are added by some casinos, and even though they are fun to play, focusing completely on the 37 numbers on the table and fields around them is crucial.

Yet another important thing to do before you start playing is to double check the RTP. Even though the house edge should be at 2.7% for the European roulette, certain casinos might raise it for some reason. To be sure that you win roulette every time, simply switch to another table or change the casino if the RTP is lower than you expected it to be.

How To Win At Roulette Every Time Free Strategies

Applying already proven strategies is the best answer to the “How to win online roulette every time” question. There are dozens of strategies, but the three most popular ones are:

  • The Martingale Scheme
  • The Fibonacci Sequence
  • The D’Alembert Scheme

The Martingale Scheme might be the most used ones by those wondering how to win at roulette online every time. The reason for that is because it is the most simple and easy to use strategy. All you have to do is place a bet on one of the fields that offer the x2 prize (red and black, odd or even and first or the second half of the table).

The Fibonacci Sequence requires players to follow the already well-known array of numbers where each number is the result of the previous two added together. Start with one chip on the table and raise it by one if you lose and remove one if you win.

It is obvious that how to win at roulette every time free is question without a specific answer. The roulette how to win every time problem cannot be completely solved, but it is possible to come extremely near to the solution, by playing slowly and carefully.

Note that every casino roulette has betting limits, which prevents players from gambling crazy amounts, until they win and reset the wager.

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