Playing Roulette

Every ardent gambling fan has a story with the roulette as the centerpiece. Usually, it is either spectacular success or utter devastating failure.

All this notwithstanding, the roulette remains one of the most popular games waiting to be enjoyed by the multitudes of casino fans.

How to Win Big on Roulette

To make a kill in the Casino, on any game you choose, including the roulette, you require a particular wagering approach. Roving around the tables making random plays will not cut it as you will end up watching the casino always get the better of you. Think of how you intend to beat the casino and stick to your plan, well, better be a winning plan otherwise you are equally baked! The main points to look out for are;

  • Strategy
  • Bet amounts
  • Know when to stop

The betting strategy you choose will make the difference between you going home royally disappointed, with a considerable dent in your wallet, or purse and grinning from teeth to teeth, ecstatic after beating the casino, and is that not a joy!

To start you off, know how much you want to bet. Don’t let your control over the bets you make, spin out of control faster than the roulette, and this usually happens more often than not. Throw a few drinks into the mix, and you might not be able to tell what your maximum bet was supposed to be. It is, therefore, better to keep a tab on the amount of alcohol you consume to keep things within your grasp.

To keep your loses to a minimum, always withdraw what you win as the game progresses. For instance, if you made a bet for $200 and at the end of the play you have $250, get the $50 and put it aside and keep playing with the $200. If you are on a winning streak, this can give you quite a healthy sum to walk away with, or at the least, go home with your money intact.

Look out for the time when the table stake or daily stake is doubled. This is about that time you should walk away. The aim here is for you to have as much fun as you can and walk away with at least double what you wagered. From this point onwards, things tend to go south.


How to Win Big on Roulette Machines


It is always advisable to take a few trial runs to get how the roulette machine is set up. You can then start looking out for trends and how well you can tell or predict how the play will go. The better you get at accurately determining the patterns, the higher your chances of winning big. This is where the other playing strategies you have come in.


All in all, this is physics, and the rules apply. All the ideas you pick will only increase your chances of winning, but not guarantee it.


How to Win Big on Roulette Table


It is always advisable to have a few rounds on the spinning wheel before you start playing. Get a free table to practice and build your confidence. The dry run can help you know if you need to change your strategy and see what seems to work and what does not. You can also take the chance to observe what other players are doing and what gets them winning.


Take time to spin the wheel a few times before you play. The spins can be a pointer to existing biases if there is any. You can also observe the casino game attendant spinning the wheel; they might have created muscle memory on how they spin the wheel creating a bias.


How to Win Big Money on Roulette


If you are looking to win big, it is advisable to go for the European roulette vis a vis the American roulette. The design of the American version gives the wheel an additional slot, 00. The slot makes the chances of winning a little lower compared to the European wheel. As the famous saying goes, the cards have been stacked in favor of the house, in this case, the American roulette has the cards stacked twice over. Have this in mind and stick to the strategy chosen and chances of winning big are much higher.


How to Win in Roulette on Big Fish Casino


The going myth out there is that there is a guaranteed way of always winning this roulette. This is pure hogwash. There are no guarantees in any of the systems or strategies one can use. All this just increases your edge and chances of winning but does not guarantee them.

One favorite way that works on most instances in placing your bets on specific numbers. Observe the wheel and see the numbers as they come up. Distribute 70% of your bet amount in the high numbers starting 19 to 36, then 25% in the middle six starting 13 and finally 5% on the zero. Work with a bet amount of about $200. This spread dramatically increases the odds of you winning.

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