In the 18th century, during the French Revolution, roulette was presented to Americans for the first time. When they got to know European Roulette; they quickly made a change and amended the layout of the board. After a lot of back and forth, they decided to keep the roulette as is and add one number, a double zero. What they were not aware of is that by adding the double zero, they have now decreased their chances of winning as the house edge was now increased.

Focusing on How to Play American Roulette Strategy

There are two ways of betting, an inside bet and outside bet:

  • Inside bets are seen as those that have high payouts with a lesser probability of winning.
  • Outside bets are in reverse with lower payouts but with a higher probability of beating the odds.

For American variation, it is always best to focus on your outside bets. It will give you a 50% chance of winning which makes the ratio for payout 1-1. Examples in this category are the Black/Red, Even/odd and High/low. Added to your outside bet is Column and Dozen bets with a slightly higher ratio of 2-1 payouts.

Riskier bets are Basket and Double street bets with a basket bet having a 6-1 ratio and Double street with 5-1. Basket bets place the odds on 0, 00, 1,2,3. And Double ones are betting on two lines neighbouring with each other. Always remember the secrets to higher ratios, the higher the ratio, the lower your chances are of winning.

Analyzing the American Roulette Wheel Strategy

If you are trying to strategize on the wheel, you might be wasting your time. Every spin is random and cannot be planned or worked out. The first mistake players make when trying to win big is that the wheel should fall into a different number or category soon. This is a dangerous way to play on roulette machines. Never place a bet on such strategy.

Playing American Roulette Strategy to Win

The first step in winning is to know the rules and to understand the probability. Further to that, it would be wise to not overspread your bets. This will result in betting more money to cover all the numbers or options than your chances of winning on those bets. Ultimately, being a cause for failure. The best way to stay on top of American Roulette is to stick to the outside bet strategies in real casinos. Your chances are always 50%, you can either win or lose. However, the betting odds are reasonable, and your chances of success are more.

If you want to know how to play roulette and win all the time, you need to be focussing and not just betting blindly. Although there is not an easy way of knowing the wheel, you need to stick to the probability of bets winning, rather bet on the option that is more likely to win. This will increase your odds, and you will have a fair chance at winning.

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