Casino players apply various methodologies to emerge at the top. There are multiple ways to go about casino games to be able to beat the casino. These ideas are such as simple roulette strategy. The users of this method advocate for it, since it does not require a large investment, yet it yields high payouts.

Some of the most straightforward strategies are the 150 strategy roulette and the middle strategy roulette. The 150 strategy roulette is named after the minimum betting amount requirement in this procedure. It is fun to use, and it helps you to increase your chances of winning.

Unfortunately, some casinos do not allow these strategies since they want to have higher profits against their players. Thus, you should research on the casinos that do not inhibit these strategies, before registering with the casinos.

How to Use 150 Strategy Roulette

The 150 strategy roulette takes three stages as shown below.

  1. Wager $50 on the 1st 12 numbers
  2. Wager $50 on the 2nd 12 numbers
  3. Wager $5 on 10 numbers from the last bunch of 12

For the first and second bunch of 12 numbers, the odds of winning is 1:3. Consequently, the 3rd 12 numbers have an odd of winning of 1:35. When you place the three wagers, you will have covered all numbers apart from 0, 35 and 36.

A player wins $150 from the first bet if any number from the first 12 comes first. The same applies to the second bunch of numbers. For the 3rd bet, you win $180 if any of the numbers in the third group of 10 appears first.

On the other hand, the middle strategy is easy to use and is very profitable. It offers an insurance coverage to players who experience constant losses and follows to ensure that they recover by achieving large winnings. As a beginner, you can try this procedure on free online games from the internet. It is highly effective for all players.

10 Techniques to Apply on Simple Roulette

As a fact, gaming houses are set to earn their owners’ revenue, other than releasing big payouts to players. Therefore, it is important that you apply the following tips, for you to know how to win roulette every spin.

  1. Try to play the single zero since it has a house edge of 2.7% which gives you 97.3% to win.
  2. Set your limits before beginning the game. This will help you to have discipline in betting.
  3. Research on the game concerning the odds offered to win big.
  4. Pay attention to the outside bet and concentrate on them, since they have higher payouts than the inside bets.
  5. Practice the game on free games to obtain perfection
  6. Concentrate on the game, since each fail costs you some money.
  7. Bet on reputable casinos which are licensed and offer fair bets.
  8. Learn the variations of roulette
  9. Try to use a variety of betting systems using the simple roulette strategy
  10. Know that it is hard to find biased wheels online

The roulette strategy 10 simple tips is very effective, to every roulette player.

Are There Big Wins Using This Strategy?

The two strategies present the gambler with decent chances of winning. They have long-term results if you are lucky to find a casino that does not prohibit the use of winning strategies.  They have benefitted many players who have been careful to apply their secret guidelines successfully.

There is always a way out in every game. Players can obtain large winnings through the application of the strategies discussed, which help them to gain significant winning.

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