Online casinos have increased in number over the few recent years. The dramatic increase has been possible due to the developments that have taken place in the industry. These changes include roulette strategies, which have been tested and proven viable. These strategies include:

  • Unbeatable system
  • Power roulette strategy
  • 3 2 roulette system

Safe Roulette Strategy Overview

When referring to a ‘safe strategy,’ we would be focusing on an acceptable method that would not break your bankroll. In other words, it means placing your wagers safely on the wheel, without incurring big losses. Does a safe roulette strategy exist? This could be the question in the mind of most online casino players. The fact is that the named strategies above work, and has yielded multiple benefits to casino users.

The unbeatable roulette system is the best strategy for players who can risk their money, as opposed to new players. Although it is helpful, a player must invest a lot of money in every successive bet, to place the next spin.

Conversely, power roulette strategy does not require a huge bankroll to play. It works perfectly on both American and European variations with a winning possibility of 98%. Unlike the unbeatable system, it can be used by new players who have little money to risk.

3 2 roulette system is generally considered more flexible than other roulette-types. It does not offer extreme winnings as it tries to keep the amount of bet constant. In other words, the system is 3/2. The proportion means that you wager on both 3 chips (1 to 18) and 2 chips in the third dozen (25 to 36). It is fun to play, and it will keep you in the game, with neither giving you extreme winnings nor breaking your bank.

How to Use the System

As learned from the above systems, the most convenient one is 3 2 roulette strategy; since it will earn you constant winnings, and also preserve your bankroll. It requires you to bet 2 units on the 2nd column of numbers and 3 units on red. Also, you should wager 2 units on the 3rd column of numbers and 3 units on black. The two ways are what makes the name of the method.

Furthermore, every bet that you make has got a 5.26% house advantage (for American type with double zero).Conversely, it offers 2.7% for the European variation, which has a single zero. The system gives many actions, where the rates of wins and losses are almost the same. Therefore, you will neither lose a lot to the casino nor gain so much from it.

Does the Safe Roulette Strategy Give Big Wins?

Agreeably, the method is termed as safe since it reduces the chances of losing to the casino. Therefore, in the above strategies, the chances of losing are cut, while those of winning increase. However, there are no extreme big wins associated with the strategies.

In Brief

It is difficult to determine the safest roulette progression because it is dependent on the skills of the player. Therefore, there is a possibility of constantly winning, if a player is familiar with the strategy at hand, and has mastered the procedures.

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