With the advancement of technology, players have been able to play live using live dealer casino strategy in the comfort of their homes. They have been able to interact with their fellow players online and with the dealer through live chats. To a great deal, this has presented a real-time gaming ambiance, which surpasses the ordinary land-based casinos.

There are various tips and tricks that players apply to succeed in live roulette. It would otherwise be very discouraging to bet with your money and keep losing it to the casino. For this reason, professional gamblers have employed the live dealer casino strategy, which has enabled them to win roulette every time.

Bet selection is a crucial part of the planning for a player who intends to win the game. Roulette strategy is specific to how players manage to win cash in the casino, without being tracked. Players may choose to have a quick big win or a gradual small win; depending on the rules of the game.

Live Dealer Roulette Strategy Overview

Live dealer roulette is a random game, and can only be shown in a prediction chart. There is no guarantee given for you to win the game. In essence, it is impossible to influence the odds to your advantage. The most popular strategies for live dealer roulette players are:

  • Martingale
  • Algorithm calculator

Martingale is set to increase the players’ chances of winning. It has been used for over 300 years in land-based casinos and proved to benefit the players.

How to Use Martingale Roulette Strategy

The players who intend to use this strategy must understand its fundamental principle. The rule states that for you to keep on winning, you must keep on wagering the initial amount that t had used. When you win, you will use the original bet money for the next spin. Conversely, if you lose the bet, the subsequent wager you will put will have to be doubled.

The betting strategy requires one to be well financed to succeed. For example, if you bet with $10 and lose, you will be required to wager with $20 in the next spin. Conversely, if you win after using $10, the following turn will need you to use $10.

New players can practice the live dealer roulette strategy through the free games offered at the casino. This would help them avoid risk their money blindly, until master the principle of the procedure. Also, you should choose a roulette game with better odds such as European live roulette as it offers a lower house advantage and has higher odds.

Are There Big Wins Through Martingale Strategy?

Martingale is a roulette strategy that works very well in live casinos better than in land-based casinos. One of the tricks that you can apply is to keep wagering on the same color. Using this tip, the chances of losing in the first turn is 19/37. On the second spin, the probability of losing is again 19/37. This will add up to 26% for the first two spins. If you continue betting, the percentage of losing decreases and the winning probability rises.

There are big wins for those players who can keep up with the game for long hours. Unfortunately, there is a danger of losing a lot of money to the casino, for the players who fail to maintain the betting requirement.

Martingale strategy is a unique system meant to double up the player’s chances of winning. The algorithm method and martingale method only benefits the players with the knowledge of the principles.

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