European roulette is the better variant because it has a lower house edge compared to its American counterpart. Gamblers acknowledge the fact that the house always wins but the lower the house edge, the higher the player’s chances to win all the time. Roulette is one of the simplest games to understand. It is largely a luck-based game hence requires very little skill to win big.

There are many strategies that can lead to bigger and more consistent wins. The first tip is to stick to the outside bets and only play the single number bets once in awhile. You can easily be tempted by the odds in the inside bets but how often do players get to win. Gambling is all about risk-taking, but it always advisable to go for the smaller frequent gains than wait forever for the bigger gains.

Martingale Strategy

An interesting European roulette strategy that usually works perfectly is the Martingale winning strategy. This system requires patience and organization in order to reap maximum benefit. It usually results in profits or the retaining of your initial money if you are having a bad day. How does it work?

This online European roulette strategy requires you to keep doubling your wager as you continue playing. For instance, you can start with a wager of $20 on black, if the outcome is black, double the next one to $40 on the same bet black. Eventually, the casino will award you with a significant win which will cover up for your losses and even give you a profit depending on your luck.

This is considered to be the best European roulette strategy for people with enough money to spend gambling. You cannot keep on doubling if you are exhausting your money. Otherwise, you will end up gambling irresponsibly. Also, it is only viable when playing the outside bets and not the single number bets.


You have to practice in order to fine-tune this strategy and many more that you may have learnt in the course of your online gambling experience. This can easily be done by playing the free games which are available in many casinos worldwide. You will have a worthwhile experience that utilizes all the rules. The only difference is that there will be no risk of winning or losing.

The most effective European roulette winning strategy for you is the one that you have tried and tested. There is a lot of information on the Internet about roulette strategies that work, but some of them are not as effective as they are explained. The only way to test their workability and perhaps understand how they work is through practice.

Also, practice is the best way to understand the dynamics of the game and learn simple tips such as checking the history of the machines. This is the best strategy ever.

You will definitely find an excellent European roulette strategy to win that works for you. All you need to do is to try the systems that you may have heard and check whether they work. The aim is to develop your own insight on the strategies to use to play this game. They will be the most effective for you. Try the above strategies and stand a chance of winning $3000 every day.

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