Let’s face it, casinos are businesses aimed at making money, so it isn’t really a surprise that they threw in a double zero twist to lift their edge. Lucky for you today, you’ll find some effective double zero roulette strategy moves that will increase your chances of winning big, even with the higher house edge. For the best roulette strategy ever, take time to understand the inside and outside wagers as explained below:

Inside Bets: The Double Zero Roulette Strategy to Win Big

Here, you are supposed to predict a specific number that will come up when the wheel stops out of the 38 slots including the two zeros.  Some of the inside bets you can place are:

  • Straight Bet: A straight bet involves predicting that the outcome of a spin will be a certain number. This has the highest returns, but the chances of getting it right are pretty low considering that it involves all the 38 slots on the wheel as well as the two zeros.
  • Split Bet: Here, you predict that the result of a spin will be one of two adjacent numbers on the wheel. It increases the chances of correct prediction as compared to the Straight up Bet.
  • Street Bet: The prediction on this bet is that the outcome of a wheel spin will be one of three numbers on a horizontal line on the wheel. Again, this lowers the risk as compared to straight and split bet, but the returns are a bit lower.

With inside betting, the odds of a right prediction are quite high as well as the returns, but the risk is also quite high. If you are looking for a roulette strategy to win big, the inside approach should be your go-to move.

How to Win with Outside Betting

Thinking about how to win without too much risk? Well, you can switch to placing outside bets. The risk is much lower than that of inside bets since you predict that the outcome will be a group of numbers or colors and not specific numbers. Inside bets for a winning roulette system with lesser risk include:

  • Red or Black: After a spin, you predict that the ball will either fall on the red or black color.
  • Odd or Even: As the name suggests, you wager that the ball will either fall on an even number or an odd number once the wheel is spun.
  • 1/18 or 19/36: In this bet type, you forecast that the ball will either fall on numbers between 1 and 18 or numbers between 19 and 36. This wager has the lowest risk, but the returns are also quite trivial.

As expected, the returns aren’t as significant as those of inside wagers.

Parting Shot

Essentially, your winning strategy will depend on whether you are a risk-taking high roller or the kind of player who likes to keep it safe as you rake in your cumulative rewards. Whichever strategy you employ, just make sure you have fun while at it.

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