Your Winning Odds in Roulette

Roulette is a game invented by a mathematician, and for this reason, it is possible to calculate what your odds of winning for each bet type are. It has a very simple formula, and you can use it for other casino games as well. To put it simply, there are 37 numbers on the European roulette and 38 on the American version. Dividing the number of outcomes you placed a bet on to the total number of digits will show you the real odds. Let’s give an example:

You play a single bet and let’s say you choose “black 7”. In other words, you placed a bet for only one outcome. The formula we will use is 1/37 = 0.027. After deducting the zero at the beginning, you can see the probability of this bet: 0.27%. This calculation applies to European roulette, and if you are playing the American variant, the formula would be: 1/38 = 0.026. In other words, 0.26%. Theoretically, your odds of winning a single bet are less than the probability getting hit by a meteor.

Using this formula, we can show the winning odds of all roulette bets as follows:

Bet Type Winning Odds In European (%) Winning Odds In American (%)
Single 0.27 0.26
Split 0.54 0.52
Street 0.81 0.78
Square 10.81 10.52
Line Bet (6 numbers) 16.21 15.78
Dozen/Column (12 numbers) 32.43 31.57
Low/High (18 numbers) 48.64 47.36
Even/Odd (18 possibilities) 48.64 47.36
Color Bet (18 possibilities) 48.64 47.36


The first result to be drawn from this chart is that you should always choose European roulette. Because you are more likely to win. American roulette offers 3% less chance of winning than the European variant. The second result is that there is no best roulette bets strategy. We will explain this in more detail below.

What is the Best Roulette Strategy?

Let’s start by saying something you cannot hear from anyone else: There are no casino games except blackjack and video poker where you can raise your chances of winning by using a strategy. And the only working strategy in these games is to count cards. There is no best strategy for roulette wheel, and it is pointless to ask what is the best strategy to win roulette at the casino.  Despite the fact that there are many gamblers claiming to have a working system, it has not been seen yet that anyone became rich by playing roulette. First, let’s talk about some of the popular strategies:

  • Martingale Strategy: It is a system that requires you to double your bet every time until you win and to place a bet always for the same option. First, select a bet type, for example, odd / even. Start by depositing 2 coins. If you lose, put 4 coins for the same option in the next round. 8, 16, 32, 64…. Until you win, raise your stake constantly. Most players claim that this is the best roulette strategy free. This system is based on the assumption that you will win “ultimately”. Indeed, if you wait long enough, you will likely win an odd/even bet. However, this system has two problems: Gambler’s Fallacy and table limits. Gambler’s Fallacy is based on the assumption that the odds of an option will keep rising until it finally happens. But this is not true: every time the wheel rotates, all possibilities are calculated from scratch. So the result can be an odd number for dozens of times, constantly. The table limit means that each table has a total bet limit. If you increase your bet constantly and cannot win, you will not be able to put more money due to the limit and lose your entire investment. So it is not a roulette best strategy, not even close.
  • Fibonacci System: It means to bet on the number sequences known as the Fibonacci sequence which can be seen in every perfect creation in nature. Without needing to explain why, let’s just say it’s a big nonsense.
  • Labouchere System: A slightly improved version of the Martingale strategy. You need to take notes, use two columns, make a note of winning and losing numbers, and change the bets you play at certain intervals. Basically, it is still “hopes and dreams”. The disadvantages of the Martingale system are all the same for Labouchere. Moreover, since the total bet on this system increases very quickly, you are more likely to go bankrupt.

All existing strategies use progressive betting rules, and they have no mathematical basis. Moreover, since you are constantly increasing your bet amount, the amount of your losses may be too high.

There is No “Best Roulette Strategy Ever”

There is no such thing as the best strategy, but there are some tricks you can use to turn possibilities into your own favor. We might list the best strategy for roulette as follows:

  • Always play with minimum bet limits.
  • Always deposit money for the outside bets (odd/even, color, and low/high bet).
  • Do not fall into Gambler’s Fallacy. Know when to stop playing.

That’s all. Remember that in the long run, the casino will always win. Despite what the Hollywood movies and guides are claiming, roulette is not a suitable game to make money. Apart from a few card games, all casino games are designed for the player to lose in the long run.

But wait – what strategies do the professional gamblers use? There must be some tactics they use, right? Of course, but all of them requires a tremendous hand-eye coordination, decades of experience, and a huge budget. Here are a few examples:

Ball Predicting: If you got high grades in physics, you could try this tactic. Theoretically, by calculating the speed of the ball, the rotation speed of the wheel, and other variables, you can predict where the ball will land. But for that, you have to play about 200 games at the same table first, and you may lose all of them because this tactic only results in the long run. Moreover, it increases your chances of winning only by (and up to) 20%.

Dealer Ballistic: Professional gamblers can predict how many deflectors the ball will hit before it stops by following the dealer’s habits. However, this tactic increases your chances of winning only by up to 3% and if your dealer changes, your entire investment is wasted.

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