The online casino industry has come a long way since its inception in the early 2000’s. The industry has seen a number of changes, which have seen the different players in the industry provide better services to players. For example, there has been the introduction of different rules aimed at protecting players across different online casinos; the introduction of different games and bonus features and many other features.


bitcoin rouletteHowever, the most recent feature and modification, which seems to change not only how players at online casinos play, but also how people pay for their services at the sites is the introduction of Bitcoins. Bitcoin as a method of payment online is greatly influencing how people play and enjoy the games online.

What is Bitcoin Roulette?

Bitcoin Roulette is simply playing this game by making payments through this method of payment. Bitcoin as a method of payment can be defined as a platform in which digital currency is distributed from one person to the other electronically. This mode of payment is decentralised meaning that there’s nobody or government monitors or controls it. The result is that all payments made on this platform are made fast, securely and safely!

How Do You Play Roulette Using Bitcoins?

Playing roulette using Bitcoin as the method of payment is similar to using real money. The main difference or rather complication arises on how to make deposits using Bitcoin. If you are eager to know how to make payments through Bitcoin, read on! Also you might be interested in Paypal roulette.

Playing roulette using Bitcoins

  • Visit any of your preferred online casino offering Bitcoin as a mode of payment and deposit using Bitcoin
  • Usually, there are different variants of roulette, choose the one that best suits your gameplay. Regardless of the game you choose, Bitcoin roulette usually has the same gameplay
  • Choose the bet you want to place. This can either be a straight bet; betting on a number, an even/odd money bet; betting the number will be even or odd, a black/red bet; betting the outcome will be on a black/red spot, or a high/low bet; the number will be on a set of high or low numbers
  • You can place your bet by clicking on the chips at the bottom of the screen and placing them over the Bitcoin roulette bet you wish to place
  • Click on the spin button once you are set to start playing the game

How Does One Deposit Using Bitcoins?

Depositing Bitcoins into your online casino account is straightforward and easy to complete. However, you need to ensure that the online casino you are visiting supports Bitcoin as a method of payment, then you can follow the steps below:

  • Log into your casino account and click on the Deposit button
  • In the drop down menu that appears, choose the Bitcoin option as your preferred method of payment. Enter your Bitcoin address, which will launch your Bitcoin wallet
  • Enter the amount you desire to deposit and click on the ‘I’ve completed my deposit’ option to complete the process

Are there any fees when making the deposits?

This depends on the online casino you are playing from. However, most of the Bitcoin casinos don’t have any fees on their deposits or withdrawals

Can You Win Real Money through Roulette Bitcoin?

By choosing your method of payment as Bitcoins, there’s no way you will win real money. However, you can withdraw Bitcoins, which you can easily change to hard currency. Google ‘How to change Bitcoin to Euro’ to discover how you can change your roulette Bitcoin winnings into real hard cash!