This gaming destination located in London, England stands as the oldest brick and mortar casinos in the world. This casino is owned by the Ellerman Group along with the hotel that is attached to the establishment. Even though Ritz Club Casino is quite popular, it has quite a small accommodation space in comparison to other casinos that are of the same status. The house has one hundred and eleven rooms for its guests. This figure is excluding the twenty-three executive suites that come with the crème de la crème treatment the destination has to offer. Aside from the casino, Ritz’s has three restaurants that have some of the world’s best chefs running them act as the main attraction as well.

Looking at the make of the casino, one can clearly see that French culture and architecture had a lot of influence in its development. Even so, a touch of American can also be seen in how the destination is built.

Ritz Club History

The Ritz Hotel London was launched in 1906, which means that the casino has been in operation for over a century. The place did not become an immediate sensation with the masses. However, over time, the slow growth led it to become among the top spots to be in London. The establishment became especially popular when the First World War was coming to an end. It saw many politicians, influencers, writers, and famous personalities during the 1920s and 30s.

Ritz Hotel was owned by the same family since its establishment up until 1976 when it was acquired by its current owners, The Ellerman Group. The institution was then shut down in 1995 to undergo renovations that would add some modern touches to its ancient structure, which cost the developers a whopping forty million pounds. The gaming destination was reopened in 2002, and immediately became a popular spot for gamblers unlike when it first started out.

Today, the casino seats in the basement where the bar was previously located. The dealers are known to be kind and quite helpful with any issues that may arise when gambling. It has not only gained popularity with its games provision but also it catering services. The latter has earned it favor with the Prince of Wales, who presented it with the first ever Royal Warrant.

Offered Games

The Ritz Casino is well known for the provision of top-notch games. These indulgences are acquired by some of the best game developers such as Net Entertainment and Microgaming. Like its game providers, Ritz Casino has been licensed to operate by the UK Gambling Commission. This body stands as one of the best licensing institutions in not only the UK but also around the world. It assures gamblers that all machine run games, especially slot machine games, are vetted for fairness. Additionally, it is a requirement for any house, location-based or online, to hold a license from the UKGC to operate with the United Kingdom’s borders. Some of the games that are provided in this gaming destination include:

  • Slot games
    Ritz Casino does not have a huge collection of slot machines even though they are the most popular games in the UK. This is because it tries to maintain the antique touch of the establishment that was there when it was founded. Even so, it has moved with times to incorporate a few of these games including Starburst, Cleopatra, and a few others that feature jackpot prizes.
  • Table games
    Seeing that the casino was founded at a time when table games defined casinos, Ritz Casino has made ample provision of sets that fall in this game category. To begin with, the gaming areas are divided into four rooms, each bearing different types and numbers of games. The first area is the main gaming salon, which has four roulette tables, three for blackjack, two to three for card poker, and two for baccarat. The next is the Carmen Room that has two roulette variations and one for blackjack and baccarat. The Amber Room has two roulette and baccarat tables, while the last, The Aida Room, has two baccarat tables.

Each game has its own limit for minimum wagers: blackjack, poker, and baccarat stand at twenty-five pounds, while roulette is the most convenient with a five-pound limit.

Ritz Casino is an avid advocate for responsible gambling and even advises people not to take the activity too far. This is quite a rare aspect to find in a brick and mortar casinos, which makes the destination stand out the more.

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