Inspired by the Polynesian culture, the Mirage Casino is located in Las Vegas and lies on the famous strip. Established back in 1989, this gaming establishment has been in the business for about three decades, making it a prime destination for gaming enthusiasts. The gaming destination is placed on one hundred thousand square feet and has well over three thousand rooms to host its clients. This gambling destination is currently owned and run by MGM Resorts International.

Mirage Casino History

When Mirage Casino was founded, it was the property of Steve Wynn, and the beautiful and unique design this structure bears was a result of Roger Thomas and Joel Bergman. This gaming destination stands as the first casino to have been built using Wall Street cash, a project that was achieved via junk bonds. When the initial financial plan for the casino was drawn, the estimated price was about five hundred and sixty-five million dollars. However, the amount used surpassed the developer’s budget vision to amount to six hundred and thirty million dollars; this makes it the priciest brick and mortar casino in the world. The high price of its construction resulted from the use of high-end products. For instance, real gold dust was used in the creation of the windows, which are known to have a distinctive glint.

Such a large investment in the construction of a gaming establishment prompted others to create state-of-the-art destinations, which led to the Las Vegas most of us have come to love today. The Mirage has never had any renovations done to its Y shaped structure, which goes as high as twenty-nine stories. This casino is especially kind to high rollers, who have the top five floors exclusively set aside for them. However, in 1999, this casino put in a lot of money into the inclusion of two large theaters as well as an additional one hundred and thirty thousand square feet to increase the conventional space.

Mirage Casino is also known for having a nature walk within it, in the 1990s, this establishment hosted a show that showcased magic and wild animal stunts. However, it was ended in the early 2000s when one of the casino’s tigers attacked one of the showmen.

Mirage Casino Games

Over the years, this casino has collected numerous games to provide to its visitors. This gaming establishment has thousands of indulgences fitted on their floor space, and some of the provided categories include

  • Slots
    This category caters to the biggest collection the casino has. The aspect that has made these games popular is the wide wager range that accommodates both low and high rollers comfortably. Wagers can start as low as a penny and as high as one thousand dollars in a single spin. Such limits are known to only occur in online gaming destinations, but Mirage Casino has made it possible in a location-based platform. Additionally, the slots are continuously updated to ensure that the house remains as modern as possible. Some of the slots that have earned a spot as the center of attraction include Iron Man, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Ghostbusters, Iron Man II, etc.
  • Table games
    Brick and mortar casinos are best known for their provision of table games, which has gone ahead to prompt their provision in online casinos in live stream to simulate the experience. Blackjack stands as the most popular one of them all seeing that it has long been a casino essential. All the variations that are provided follow the basic rule of having a card value of no more than twenty-one. Poker is also offered in numerous variations such as Three Stud poker, Let it Ride poker, and Caribbean Stud. Craps and Pai Gow Poker also make the list of popular provided table games.

Roulette Variations

Roulette is provided in numerous tables, but all of them are based on the two most popular variations: European and American Roulette. Each table has its own assigned chip color, and gamblers can place wagers that start as low as one dollar.

Mirage Casino is an important landmark of the strip in Las Vegas; this makes it a prime place to visit when in the city. The house offers a loyalty tier system similar to that of online casinos, which makes it an even better choice for location-based gambling.

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