Luxor Casino, owned and operated by MGM Resorts International, stands as the fourth largest casino located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This brick and mortar gambling establishment is best known for its Egyptian theme that starts right from its name: Luxor is a place in Egypt where ancient Thebes lied. The culture is further showcased in the construction of the house, which lies on one hundred and twenty thousand square feet. The casino bears a pyramid that is similar in size to the Bent and Red pyramids found in Egypt. However, unlike the Egyptian pyramids that are made out of stone, the one at Luxor is made out of glass. The location-based gambling destination is also home to a replica of King Tuts tomb, which is strikingly similar to the one located in the Valley of Kings, found near Ancient Thebes.

Among the best aspects of the establishment is the Nile tour that takes visitors round a stream that surrounds the establishment. What makes this feature exciting is the placement of various ancient Egyptian artifacts along the ride. Aside from the gaming area, Luxor Casino is also home to four large swimming pools, a chapel that has been known to host numerous weddings, twenty thousand square feet of open space, and well over three thousand rooms for hosting guests.

Luxor Casino History

The construction of this grand gambling institution began in 1992 and saw its completion and launching happen in October of the following year. The casino’s construction cost The Circus Circus Enterprise, which stood as the casino’s only investor, a whopping three hundred and seventy-five million dollars. At the time of its establishment, Luxor stood as the tallest human-made feature on the strip. Since it was built, the casino has seen numerous renovations that have changed most of its features from retro and ancient Egyptian styled to a more modern casino. The latest renovation occurred in 2009, which saw the inclusion of various aspects that included clubs, which were launched by Hollywood stars such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Game Collection

Most people visit Luxor for the thrill of gambling in a land-based casino. According to studies, nearly all gaming enthusiasts who visit the strip walk into this establishment. For this reason, Luxor Casino has ensured that it has a wide gaming collection to cater to the needs of various gamers. With well over two thousand games fitted on the establishment’s open space, it is easy to see why this gambling destination is quite popular in Sin City. The games are provided in a wide array of sets, which ensures that each gambler has something to engage in. The sets provided include:

  • Slot machine games
    Like is the case on the online platform, slot games are most highly demanded indulgences in brick and mortar casinos. Therefore, Luxor casino has provided over one thousand, three hundred of slot choices, which makes this game category its biggest yet. Some of the popular titles such as Cleopatra, Mega Jackpot, Wheel of Fortune, and Triple Diamonds can be found in the establishment.
  • Table games
    Table games are also not in short supply. Blackjack is available in numerous variations, but the most popular are standard blackjack and blackjack switch. Other games that are provided include poker, baccarat, craps, Pai Gow Poker, Texas Hold’em, and Caribbean Stud.

Roulette Provisions

Roulette is another popular casino game in Luxor Casino; it is provided on over one hundred tables at the casino. However, only one variation is made available: American roulette. This version is the second most popular across the globe after European roulette. Free gameplay sessions are offered for gamers who would like to learn how to play this game as well as other table game variations.

Being the fourth largest casino in Las Vegas and the ninth largest in the world has not stopped it from accommodating a wide range of gamblers. Unlike most high ranking casinos that are on the fancier end, Luxor Casino is accommodating when it comes to the placement of wagers in the games they provide. During some hours of the day, the gaming institution allows the placement of bets as low as five dollars in their table games. At night, the limit rises to a minimum of ten dollars. This amount is quite convenient for low rollers, considering that some Las Vegas casinos can set their minimum limit at thirty dollars per wager.

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