Les Ambassadeurs is popularly known as Les A amongst its huge number of fans especially from the city of London. It is actually one of the most top rated casinos operating in London, and this has made its membership so much sought out in the whole world.

For the years it has been in operation, it has been able to attract celebrities, politicians, playboys, millionaires, and even royals. Les A Casino offers its services on the 19th century designed floor, luxuriously designed with private betting suites, a dining room or restaurant, a well-stocked library as well as a private jet ready to fly players around.

The History of Les Ambassadeurs

This casino opened its doors to the public in the early 1900s. It is actually one of the most elegant casinos that the city of London can boast of. It was designed more specifically for the diplomats, crème de la crème societe, heads of state, famous persons, chiefs of commerce, as well as aristocrats.

Its first owners were Leopold de Rothschild and the Conyngham family. Before it would begin to offer consistent services, its doors were opened and closed constantly, and even relocated to another location. This came to a stop in 1981 when London Clubs International bought the casino club and reinvented it into one of the most integrated land-based casinos that have attracted so many members all over the world.

It is currently being run by the Sampoerna family that took it over from the London Clubs International.

How to Play at the Les A Casino, Piccadilly, London

Les Ambassadeurs is the type of land-based casino that treats all its players like some royal guests. It is among the few casinos that are known to be allowing players to smoke in some areas of gaming.

The idea of spinning the machines while one is smoking is one of the things that has continued to attract more new members to this casino. Since it started operating in the eras of World War 2, it has never lost the taste it had back in the days. This is why it has still remained as one of the most exclusive casinos in the universe.

The Collection of Roulette Games at Les Ambassadeurs

When it comes to the roulette games, no any other land-based casino beat the Les Ambassadeurs. They are found everywhere from the private rooms to the gaming floor and other places. But apart from that, this casino also has a collection of craps, slots, punto banco, and Black Jack. Les Ambassadeurs Club Casino still has a number of video roulette machines, even though the number is not that high.

The Smoking Game zone has been beautifully designed in a nice garden for any player who might want to enjoy their cigars as they bet. In the smoking area, there are a total of seven roulette tables, and players can bet from as low as 5 Euros to 1000 Euros. Something that is quite surprising is that all the roulette games that are on the main gaming floor are the American Roulette.

Here, the players will be required to play at a table that has two zero pockets in it. On the European wheels, that would increase the house edge up to 5.2% all the way from 2.6%, while on the French Wheels, the house edge will increase up to 1.3%. The high rollers have nothing to worry about, as there are several private rooms that have been set for them. These rooms include the Gold Room, Marble Room, the Penthouse room as well as the Leopard Room. All of them have been designed with expansive outdoor smoking zones.

Although this casino is more of a social club to the elites and societal crème de la crème, it still stands out as one of the best casinos in London.  With 16 tables on the main floor, players will be able to enjoy Texas hold’em, three-card poker, blackjack, baccarat and even the American roulette. Apart from that, players would still enjoy extra six tables that are located outside under the canopy.

Another factor that sets it apart is the number of accommodation rooms that are located nearby as well as the variety of gambling equipment that it has.

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