Grosvenor Hotel that hosts the Grosvenor Piccadilly casino is just within walking distance from the famous Mayfair Hotel in London. Even though the casino is not rated as one of the biggest in this city, it has a friendly staff and quick services making it one of the best. They are ready to serve every customer, even those who are visiting them for the first time.

For those who like some occasional wager on the slots or the tables, Grosvenor presents an atmosphere that is of its own kind. Perhaps one of the factors that have continued to attract many people to this casino is the bonus that it gives. The new players stand a chance of winning 20 Euros of free bonuses when they pass by to play.

Locating the Grosvenor Piccadilly Casino

Apart from the casino, the building also hosts sports & entertainment lounge, bar, restaurant, a conference room as well as a state-of-the-art poker room. They provide Blackjack, Roulette, Poker tables and a few selected IGT slot games such as Lucky Lady’s Charm and Cleopatra.

For the first time visitor, accessing this place is quite easy. Once they have moved past the entrance, they will clearly see the tables where all the blackjack and roulette action takes place. From that point, the slots mezzanine floor can also be seen but to access it, the players will have to go back to the main entrance and take the stairs.

Passing through the video roulettes and the slots area, there is a well-refurbished bar at the floor’s top. At the front, there is also a balcony that is set aside to be used by those who are smoking, as taking drinks outside is not allowed by the management. The casino has been located in a very nice place making it appear not only cozy but also compact.

Is It a Smoking Establishment?

Just like most of the casinos operating in the city of London, the Grosvenor Piccadilly Casino is a no-smoking establishment. For any player who wants to smoke, they must walk to the terrace situated somewhere next to the bar. From here, the players can have a great view of the Piccadilly Circus, which is not far.

Games Offered at Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly

There are various games that are offered at this land-based gambling house. Top amongst them are the slots, roulettes and a number of table games.

  • Poker Casino Games.
    For a long time, it has been providing a table of three-card poker and casino hold’em, especially during the evening hours. The minimum is usually 5 Euros while the maximum goes up to 100 Euros. There are also other classic table games that are provided here such poker cash game.
  • Roulette Tables.
    There are a total of four roulette tables that are found here. European roulette is the most known one, and it is available with 1 Euro as its minimum bet. This bet is usually centered somewhere around the room’s middle.

On the right side, just towards the back, there are a total of eight roulette terminals without forgetting a Pinball Roulette game. The tables have been designed in a way that a total of five players can comfortably sit on them. But besides that, there is also a standing room.

Those who are frequent visitors here have confessed how Saturdays are always the best day to bet at the roulette tables. Moving from the roulette table and on to the slots region, there are a total of two levels. A number of terminals for the video roulettes are placed on the upper level. These video roulette terminals have machines of 10p, 25p, and 50p as well as a host of other 1-Euro machines. The gaming region has been designed with a nice looking décor making players feel relaxed.

The assortment of classic games that are offered at the Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly is actually one of the best in the entire London city. The casino has been located at a relaxed place, making the playing sessions all fun. The staff working in this entire building is very friendly and helpful, and they would not hesitate to assist any player who is having any problem.

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