Crockfords Casino is one of the oldest land-based casinos in the United Kingdom. It has offered excellent services to its customers and has not had a major scandal in its several years of existence. However, the casino is currently engrossed in a court battle against Phil Ivey where it accuses him of cheating. Nonetheless, this is a miniature issue that should not deter you from playing here. Its flawless history and perfect reputation make it an ideal place for all types of gamblers.

Crockfords is located at 30 Curzon Street Mayfair London. It is part of the Genting casino group which is a renowned group of elite casinos in the gambling industry. It is closely associated with other elegant casinos such as The Palm Beach Casino, Colony Club and Maxims Casino Club.

This house was established in the year 1828 by William Crockford. It was meant to be a luxurious joint for the elite class in the UK to meet and interact without interference. Casinos were illegal at this time, and William kept on paying fines, but the establishment never closed shop. It is present to date and is still associated with the elite class of UK; although, other players can also walk in and play their favorite games.

The members of this house are regarded highly in the UK. Membership costs about £1000, and it comes with many benefits. First, members have direct access to private gaming tables, and their betting limits are considerably higher compared to other walk in customers. They can also enjoy various bonuses and promotions as they play, and this makes their experiences worthwhile.

Crockfords Casino also has an excellent bar and restaurant where players can eat and drink. The restaurant is ideal for dinner because it is opened at 7.30 pm and serves a variety of meals. They have a Thai menu, an Italian menu, and serves different cuisines such as Middle Eastern Cuisine, Oriental Cuisine and British Cuisine. Players can enjoy these meals in this beautifully decorated restaurant.

The bar serves different types of drinks such as wine, beer, champagnes, cocktails, and soft drinks for the non-drinkers. This bar is found away from the casino floor; hence, it is quite ideal for those who want to chill and have a relaxing time. Smoking is illegal in the enclosed regions, but there are balconies where smokers can smoke legally.

However, this house does not have accommodation facilities. Players who need accommodation can go to nearby hotels such as The Hilton, Grosvenor House, The Dorchester, or The Four Seasons. This is a major downside of Crockfords.

Casino Games

Crockfords Casino offers a wide variety of games although not as many as its competitors. The casino mainly offers table games. The games available include Blackjack, Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Roulette, Poker, and Three Card Poker. These are the only games available. They have high betting limits, and this makes them ideal for high roller players. Members can even place wagers above the limits.

It also has private gaming tables which enable punters to play privately. This is excellent for those who want privacy and anonymity. These private rooms are found on different floors of the casino. They have high limits which enable players to place high stakes and stand a chance of winning significant prizes.

Unfortunately, Crockfords does not have any slot machines. This basically means that slot lovers will not find any attraction here. There are also no video poker terminals. This is a major disadvantage because it implies that the house is only best suited for the table games enthusiasts. But, the casino was meant for the elite, and the table games remain their preferred games.


The roulette variant available at Crockford is American roulette. This variant has double zero and does not follow the French rules such as en prison rules or la partage. Thus, the house edge is significantly higher compared to European roulette.

This is also a downside of this casino because European roulette is usually more preferred by many roulette lovers. Nonetheless, players can still have an excellent roulette experience. All the betting options are offered, and they include the inside bets and outside bets such red or black number bets, even or odd number bets and more.

Crockfords Casino is an elegant house that has a very rich history. It offers a variety of table games and even has private tables for those who are willing to play away from the rest. This is an ideal destination for table games enthusiasts. It is also associated with class and royalty; therefore, it is ideal for those who regard themselves as elite members of the society.

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