Casino de Monte Carlo is a top destination for the high and mighty in the world. This is an ancient casino that has elegant architectural designs that remain astonishing despite the transformations that give it a modern touch. These designs, in addition to its wide variety of games, rich history, and exceptional entertainment joints make it a major attraction for many. Visiting it should be in the bucket list of any enthusiastic gambler.

This casino was built in order to save the royal family from debt during tough economic times when Roquebrune and Menton gained independence. It was the idea of Princess Caroline who was the wife of Prince Florestan I. Her idea was not actualized until she lured Francois Blanc to join the establishment. Even though the casino started making profits in 1859, Princess Caroline was not impressed. It began working perfectly in 1863 after Blanc came on board.

The casino was transformed and improved severally by brilliant architects until it became an architectural milestone as it is now. The main sponsor of this established was the Bishop of Monaco and later on, Pope Leo XIII.

This has remained a remarkable casino since then. It is not only a great gambling house but also a spectacular travel destination for many. It has several other amenities such as a theatre, an opera house, a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, yacht harbors, and high-class rooms for those seeking accommodation. People visit this casino for gambling and so much more.

The venue also hosts a number of major tournaments that attract people from across the continents. It hosts the annual European Poker Tour, the annual Formula One Grand Prix Tournament, and the Monaco Yacht Show. These events attract many people at different times of the year. This casino has also provided an ideal location for movies to be acted. Some movies that were acted include Golden Eye, Casino Royale, and Never Say Never Again.

This casino also has a number of restaurants and bars which enable revelers to wine and dine as they enjoy their favorite games. There are many restaurants which vary in the type of meals they serve as well as the price. They include Le Train Bleu, Le Mozaik, Le Louis XV, Cote Jardin, Le Salon Rose, and The Grill among others.

Casino Games

The house offers a wide variety of games. There is basically no brilliant game that is not offered by this casino.

  • It has two rooms set for slot machines: Salle Blanche and the Atrium room. There are many slot machines in these rooms, and they include the classic slots and the modern slot machines with exemplary gameplays. This makes it ideal for the classical gamblers and the modern slot lovers in search of a thrilling slots action.
  • There are also many table games available here. It has four rooms set for table games. They include the following: Salon Privés, Salon Europe, Salon Supers Privés, and Salle des Ameriques. They have different variants of the table games. The games available include Baccarat, Roulette, Baccarat (Punto Banco), Trente et Quarante, Craps, Stud Poker, Chemin de Fer, and many other games. There are also video poker games available. There are several tables available; hence, they are adequate for the crowds that stream into this casino to play them.


Roulette is a very popular game here. It is loved by the older gamblers as well as the younger ones. This casino offers several variants of roulette. They include the European roulette variants and the American roulette.

There are many European roulette games available in this house. These games have a single zero, and they follow French rules such as the la partage and en prison rule which reduces the house edge. Hence, they are more popular among gamblers. The American roulette table is also quite popular among players. They have a double zero and do not follow the European rules. Thus, they have a higher house edge. But, this does not deter players from playing them.

All these games can be played from 2 pm onwards. However, this casino restricts Monaco residents from playing in it. This is a policy that surprises many.

Casino de Monte Carlo remains unparalleled despite the elegance of Las Vegas casinos and other casinos all over the world. This is because of its rich history, diverse attractions, and architectural elegance. You must try and visit this casino if you are a true casino lover.

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