Roulette is arguably the most popular game in any land based casino. It is played by both the traditional gamblers and the modern gamblers. Very few players will play other table games, poker, and slot machines without playing roulette at least once. Thus, the best casinos in the world must offer an exceptional roulette gaming experience. There are two broad types of roulette European and American roulette. The main difference is in the number of zero pockets. European variation has a single zero whereas the American type has double zero. The rules also vary especially when the ball lands on the zero pocket. Most European roulette tables follow the French rules that are, la partage rule or the en prison rule. These rules reduce the losses that can be made when the ball lands on the zero pocket; therefore, they reduce the house edge.

The la partage rule states that the player loses only half their stake when the ball lands on the zero pocket if they had placed a 50/50 bet such as odd or even number bet. En prison rule, on the other hand, allows the player to play another round after the ball lands on the zero pocket. If they win, they get their stake back.

The American roulette games do not follow these rules. Hence, the house edge is usually significantly higher. However, there are those that follow the Atlantic City rule. This rule states that the player only loses half his/her stake when the ball lands on the zero pocket. It reduces the house edge of American type making it more favorable.

Even though the American variation has a higher edge, there are still players who prefer it. Thus, the best land-based casinos for roulette must offer both variants in order to cater for different casino players. Here are some of the best casinos which operate in various gambling regions.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the universally recognized center of gambling in the world. It is definitely the city with the largest number of elegant brick and mortar casinos in the world. Las Vegas is in America; therefore, the majority of tables in most houses is American roulette. Some of these casinos do not even have European type available.

Hence, the best land-based casinos for roulette in Las Vegas are those that offer both variants. They include Bellagio Casino, the Aria, the Venetian Las Vegas, the MGM, and the Encore. These houses have both types, and they have many betting options available. However, these are not the only casinos in Las Vegas. There are also others that offer both variants. Nonetheless, these are the top places in the city.

The main reason why Las Vegas remains the main gambling hub in the world is the entertainment it offers in addition to gambling services. Most of these places have excellent swimming pools, shopping centers, spas, rooms for accommodation, and other amenities. Hence, they attract both gamblers and non-gamblers.


Malta has grown to become a prominent gambling center. It is famous for online casinos, and a great number of online casinos are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. However, this does not mean that it does not have land-based casinos. This country has exceptional houses which offer different types of roulette.

The most popular casino for roulette in Malta is Dragonara. Others include Portomaso, Oracle, and Casino Malta. The country does not have many land casinos because of its strict regulations. But, the few available will definitely offer an exemplary roulette experience.

Also, Codeta Live Casino streams its online live dealer roulette from Dragonara casino. This enables gamers to enjoy Dragonara roulette at the comfort of their homes, offices or cars.


Land-based casinos in London are the best in the UK. Aspers Stratford Casino certainly tops the list of the best places for roulette. This is the biggest and most popular casino in the UK. It offers both the American and European variants of the game. However, it is not the only one. There are the Ritz Club Casino, Les Ambassadeurs, and Grosvenor G Casino. Another one is Hippodrome London in Leicester Square which also offers a fantastic experience.

These casinos offer an excellent gambling experience. Some of them such as Ritz Club Casino and Les Ambassadeurs are perfectly suited for the high roller premium players. The others are perfect for all types of gamblers.

New Zealand

New Zealand is another gambling hub found further on the Southern part of the world. It is served by many online and a number of land-based casinos. The top land-based casinos for roulette in this country are the three branches of SkyCity Casino. One is found in Hamilton, another one in Auckland on Sky Tower, and the last one in Queenstown. These houses offer many other casino games in addition to different roulette variants and have other excellent amenities.

Another remarkable casino in New Zealand is Dunedin Casino. It also offer an excellent roulette experience.

South Africa

South Africa is another major attraction for gamblers. It is the certainly the biggest gambling hub in Africa. The best casinos for roulette in South Africa include Sun City Casino and Carousel Casino. The first is found close to Johannesburg. It is a massive casino that offers different types of roulette tables. Also, it has slot machines, excellent poker room action, and other table games like blackjack and baccarat.

Carousel Casino, on the other hand, is also an exceptional house with many table games and over five hundred slots. Other great casinos in South Africa include Grand West Casino, Montecasino, Emerald, Goldfields Casino, Hemingways Casino, The Boardwalk Casino, and Graceland Casino.


Macau is the region of the world that is threatening the supremacy of Las Vegas as the world renowned gambling hub. It fast growing to become a respected destination for gamblers. Actually, it is claimed to have beaten Las Vegas in terms of turnover. There are excellent gambling hubs in Macau. They include Venetian, Grand Lisboa, MGM Macau, Wynn Casino, StarWorld Hotel & Galaxy Casino, and Casino Oceanus.

These casinos offer different types of roulette as well as other games. This certainly why they are among the super casinos in this region. Roulette is however not the most popular table game in Macau. Many players prefer to play Baccarat and Sic Bo as opposed to roulette. Nevertheless, roulette’s popularity is increasing at a very fast rate.

These are not the only countries or cities that host the best land-based casinos for roulette. The others include Australia, Canada, and Singapore. Australia has the Crown in Perth casino, Canada has Casino de Montreal, and Singapore hosts excellent land-based casinos like Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands Resort. Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco is another world-class gambling house that offers excellent roulette.

You should visit those places mentioned above and have a worthwhile gambling experience. Most of them are not only the best choices for roulette but the overall best casinos in the regions they are located.