For many years, players have always had a preference for roulette over other existing casino table games. In this roulette review, we shall explore the world of online roulette as offered by Royal Panda. Some of the features of the Royal Panda roulette lobby that set them apart from other online casinos include their fantastic graphics, the broad range of betting limits. These wagers begin from as little as 10p all the way up to as high as £200,000 and the numerous variants of live roulette games from which bettors can choose. Here they are.


This game has hundreds of participating players from around the world. The table has £1 – £200,000 limits and the casino lists winners on the screen at the end of each round. The varying camera angles give users visual clarity that is second to none making it very popular with the gamblers. Also you can read our Party casino roulette review.

American, European, and French

These are the basic variations available to players. The difference between the three lies in the green ‘zero’ slot on the wheel. European wheels contain one zero-slot out of the 36-numbered free slots. A straight up bet, where you wager on one number, pays 35:1. This ratio is what gives the casino its house edge. The American variation pays similar odds. However, there are two green slots: one marked ‘zero’ and the other ‘double zero.’ It, in turn, multiplies the casino operator’s house edge. Players are therefore less likely to enjoy a decent return on their money. French roulette like European one also contains a ‘zero’ wheel but with an even lower house edge in comparison to its European counterpart. Half of the bets are returned to the player when a ball lands on the green slot. Royal Casino gives players a full history displaying hot and cold numbers as well as a bonus of unlimited free spins.


It is a live roulette game, with the same basic gaming rules and table limits in place. What differentiates this is that quite often, the live dealer is male instead of female and that other roulette or blackjack tables are absent from the room. It gives players a sense of having an exclusive gaming experience as one would encounter in a private VIP room of a Las Vegas casino.


This live game differs from the other variations in that there is no dealer. It, in turn, means more spins of the wheel for the duration of the game. Also available to choose from, are two ranges of limits: 10p – £40,000 which suits the majority of bettors, or £2 – £200,000 for the players with deeper pockets. This game also has participants from all around the world. As with the other variants of the game, the screen displays the winners of each round at the conclusion of each game.


This game gives players the chance to bet on more than one wheel at a time. The high-quality graphics display of the multiple spinning reels heightens one’s gambling experience. Gamers can experience the thrill of playing with up to eight wheels at once. This game, however, is not recommended for the faint of pocket.

Not only are the games fantastic, but the customer support is also superb. They process withdrawals in under 24 hours with no reported delays, and their humorous big fluffy Royal Panda mascot quietly assures guests and players of royal treatment. They also offer exciting promotions for new members such as ten free spins, no deposit bonus and a 100% match money bonus up to £100 which can be used to play in any of the games available. The high-quality graphics and the wide variety of multiple roulette types available make Royal Panda a top-rated favorite for live roulette gaming.

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