Casino Las Vegas is a flashy gaming site that was created with the objective of presenting the lucrative city of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Casino Roulette

Casino Las Vegas is a flashy gaming site that was created with the objective of presenting the lucrative city of Las Vegas. It offers a wide array of games including slot machine games, blackjack, keno, and roulette from some of the best online gaming software developers. The no deposit bonus, welcome bonus and reload bonuses can be used to wager on all their games. These bonuses are accompanied by free spins to be used on slots.

Roulette Versions Offered

Roulette tables have been known to be among the main attractions in both online and brick and mortar casinos. This factor has prompted numerous casinos to make a point of including various types of this game on their platform. Las Vegas Casino seems to understand the importance of the game and has provided it in ten different variations. These versions include:

  • Age of Gods Roulette

Also dubbed Double Bonus Roulette, this version has been adopted by numerous online casino due to its ever-growing popularity. The game comes with the basic European layout as well as the application of traditional rules. However, the wheel features an additional pocket on top of the usual thirty-seven that serves as a bonus. The bonus can be offered as a free spin on the wheel or free cash. The players also get a chance at one of the four progressive jackpots that are featured in the game. The jackpots have been known to go higher than three million dollars, which makes them one of the biggest payouts online.

  • Roulette Deluxe

This version carries the same features as the Las Vegas European roulette. However, there is the inclusion of additional wager opportunities such as call bets. This gives the gamblers a chance at higher winnings. Even so, the basic gameplay of selecting a number, color, or specific group still applies.

  • Classic Roulette

It is the oldest variation that dates back to the sixteenth century when it was invented in France. It was used to inspire all other versions that are enjoyed today. The game is produced with an old school touch and serves gamblers who would like to enjoy the traditional rules of the game. The most a gambler can win would be thirty-five times the wager they placed if the bet was on a single number. Gamblers can also wager on colors and number groups like in other versions. However, the larger the number of pockets wagered on, the lower the payout. This version is especially preferred because of easy gameplay.

  • Premium European Roulette

This version features the same rules as Classic Vegas roulette. The only difference is the rise in Las Vegas casino roulette table limits for the stakes that can be placed. This variation is best suited for high rollers.

  • 101 Roulette

This game comes with one hundred and one pockets as opposed to the usual thirty-seven used in other versions, thus earning it the name 101Roulette. However, the gameplay remains the same where wagers a placed on single numbers, colors, or a group of numbers. The odds, however, increase significantly to 100/1, which offer significantly high Las Vegas roulette payouts. The downside is the game requires high wagers, with the minimum possible bet being one hundred pounds. Las Vegas Casino offers a percentage of the wager placed back if the gambler does not land the number they wagered on.

  • Diamond Bet Roulette

This is one of the latest versions, debuting less than a decade ago. The game is developed with six colors instead of the conventional two colors: black and red. Six numbers between pockets one to thirty-six are each dedicated to one of the six colors, which are black, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. In Las Vegas Casino, the European version is used in the development of this game, making the house edge two point seven eight percent. Diamond Bet Roulette features all the usual wagers of European roulette, except for the black bets and even money wagers.

Final Remarks

All the Las Vegas roulette variants are run on a random number generator that ensures gamers receive fair play. Their devices are regularly tested by the casinos licensing bodies to ensure that they are not biased. The Las Vegas roulette maximum bet limits are accommodating to both low rollers and high rollers in all their versions. It can be enjoyed in the download, no download, and mobile versions.

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