European roulette is the original variety of this game. It was invented in the eighteenth century and is widely played even today. There are online gambling dens that are now offering this kind of roulette exclusively. Before getting to that, let us first review its past briefly.

Euro Roulette

How Does the European Roulette Look? Euro Roulette, also known as the French...


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Historical Journey of European Roulette

Tracing its wheel’s mechanics to the perpetual motion experiment by Pascal Blaise in the eighteenth Century, European roulette was initially played in 1796 at Palais Royal casino in Paris, France. It goes without saying that this is the preliminary historical recording of gambling, and it was written by Jacques Lablee in his 1801 book titled La Roulette. Earlier, the wheel had two ‘00’ and ‘0’ pockets colored black and red respectively. These zero pouches were colored green on the wheel to distinguish it from the other numbered pockets. In 1843, nevertheless, François Blanc and Louis Blanc introduced the single ‘0’ wheel in Germany to offer competition to its predecessor. That is how European roulette’s current wheel was born. Each number in this particular category is randomly placed. European roulette online for real money was launched in 1994 with the advent of online casinos.

Popular Online Casinos and Games

The most widely held gambling websites to play European roulette online for real money are:

  • Betway
  • Spin Palace
  • Jackpot City
  • Lucky 247
  • Ruby Fortune

The sites mentioned above support PayPal payments and offer awesome bonus rewards for their subscribers. Also, there are several games popular among gamers. These include:

Mobile Roulette

It is an Android version available to all smartphone users. It is either available for download (on Google Playstore) or online. Also, Android-powered devices like tablet computers are supported.

European Roulette

This entrant is a development of Microgaming and is a favorite of many gamblers on the Internet.

Alternatively, players may choose Royale, Mini-wheel, and Multi-wheel Roulette.

How to Play the Game for Real Money

The process of playing this game for real money involves:

  1. Signing up to a betting website.
  2. Depositing your cash to your account.
  3. Place a bet. The betting options include the inside and outside bets on the table format.
  4. Collect your winnings.

It is of prime importance to choose your online gambling site wisely. You do this by considering its Return to Player percentage (RTP), payout rate, customer services and user friendliness. The fact that this variation of the game has only one ‘0’ slot on the wheel makes it easier for the gambler to win because the probability to win is 1 to 37.  

Conclusively, we can come to an agreement that European roulette online for real money is one of a kind. This French invention has masterminded the growth of the game in the online gaming industry. Also, it is freely available for demo trials and real cash betting in the several gambling websites. Finally, the online version available on the Internet is the best in variety and quality.